Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Weather Change is Coming

 Promises to be cooler, good; more rain; bad.  Still no hay.

I read Flower Lady's blog this morning and one of her followers posted a comment about gardens that appealed to me greatly.

She called her Florida lush gardens 'raffish'.   I loved it.  Here is the definiation of raffish:

adjective: raffish
  1. unconventional and slightly disreputable, especially in an attractive manner.

    "his raffish air"

 That is so much more appealing than weedy, overgrown, untrimmed and all  those ugly things we call  our 'raffish' gardens.
Here is a picture of mine:(one section of raffishness)
Thank you Lynn McIntosh.
Reading Flower Lady's blog always is uplifting; she has a gift.
I went out this morning to check  around and found the grass was very wet.  I wore my Muck boots so my feet stayed dry but I was  kicking up dew drops as I walked.
General Doings
I went into the new chicken yard to check around and decided to let the new  girls out.  They are almost as big as the old ones. All the old chickens (rooster and 4 old hens) went inside and immediately the new girls dashed to the back of their enclosed pen!. Finally one came  out while DH and I were watching.....the rooster went crazy after  her.  Don't know if he had evil intentions or was just excited by a new female prospect.  He  is really much too old but he is still very 'active'.  We rescued her and locked them back up again.....will  try again.
This is a picture I took looking west out of the chicken yard.  The trees are our west property line.
The cows in the far west pasture heard the ATV and headed to the barn where DH feeds them.  It is just a small heard of the two milk  cows, their babies, and a couple of others.
They recognize voices and truck and tractor sounds too.
I took some long shots for more perspective of the yard layout and the beds.  Notice the ATV tracks through the wet grass.  DH was heading east to the drive to go check  the beef herd.
 Smokehouse on the left ;house on right (not seen) and looking east at Kerria (old Ash Tree bed)
This is a long shot of the front yard

and this is the alley way between  the tree and shrub border and the house.  It really shields us from the road now.  There are just a few spots to fill in.  We only have one tree left out by the road.

I cooked our first eggplant and the squash from yesterday for lunch. I made a sort of pasta primavera (used canned tomatoes), onions and the sliced squash sauteed in olive oil with a dash of basil over frozen fettuccine that I had made and cooked some time back.  DH never complained about the lack of meat.....we did have grilled (on my grill pan on the range) egg plant slices.  I coated the pan with olive oil and sprinkled on salt and pepper.  Finished it all off with shredded Parmesan cheese.

This was bread day but our granddaughter called and talked while I was in the process so it wasn't ready for lunch.  We had a hot slice later and called  it dessert.