Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some Winter Pictures....and birds

Since I last posted we have had another 5 inch snow.   The last two days have been above freezing so it is slowly melting down.

I took a few random pictures when I went out to feed the birds last:

This is standing in front of the kitchen window looking south to the road.

And this is the feeder, for once outside looking in:

and this was taken this morning looking out that same window:

Do you remember that huge Elm tree we had along the drive I referred to as my 'feeding' tree for the birds....well, sadly , we had to have it taken out and I have missed that feeding tree and so have the birds.  I just realized this week that the sapling peach tree right outside the kitchen window in the hummingbird bed had become  a much smaller version:

Random other photos:

The Harris Sparrow:

and the country night light:

From march 2015 blog photos

and one of the many cats.  You can rarely snap a shot without a cat  (or DH) being in the shot:


A Romertopf Chicken

From cooking