Monday, November 23, 2015

Our First Snow of the Year

It didn't last long and was gone  by evening.  It was pretty while it  lasted but we were not sorry to see it go.

Not much has been happening.  I did hear that our  son and his family will join us for Thanksgiving.  This will  be the first  time in a long time  we  have all been together.  Something to be Thankful for!

Of course, I now have to add a cream pie  to the dessert list....that is our son's favorite.  I made a cheese cake for our daughter and a flan for our SIL.  Then we have to have the traditional pecan and pumpkin ( my home grown) pie.  There will be lots of left over desserts.

We had an interesting  meal yesterday.  We  had venison roast!  I was dreading even cooking it but did it in the crock pot with onion soup mix and it was delicious!  A young neighbor who hunts  on the farm finally got a deer  with his bow and brought us two roasts and a package of summer sausage.