Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Productive Week

It's a beautiful Saturday morning.  We have just enjoyed a l.75 inch rain which was badly needed and it came after I mulched 7 bales of straw.  Perfect timing.  I like rain on the mulch to press it down around the plants.  I had watered before mulching so things should be in good shape waterwise for some time.

This is the row of strawberries.  There are lots of runners but the mulch is hiding them,

At the same  time I did the strawberries, I weeded the "potato row" next to them.  There are maybe 4 plants in that row!  I planted very late....hope to not do that again.  I also planted some cuttings from store potatoes that I dug up intact.  They must have been treated with something to keep them from  sprouting.  I did get one mess from graveling a plant.  I think it must have been Yukon Gold from the color.

Sweet potato row mulched

This is the end of the sweet potato, corn patch,  I mulched most of it.  I see I have missed a hill of squash and a tomato under the hoop.

The dill patch

Found several of these

Due to these butterflies,

I should have pruned this heavily but did not,  it is Shoal Creek vitex agnus castus or chaste tree.  This is what the swallowtail butterfly was on.

and last but not least,

tools of the trade,

Have a wonderful weekend.  Hope things are going well in your world.

P.S.  Yet to do,