Sunday, May 13, 2018

Slowly, slowly.......

First let me wish all you Mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day!  Mine as usual was very quite.  I got my usual calls from both our son and daughter and our oldest granddaughter also called.

The early morning was cloudy and breezy and I worked outside almost three hours.

So far I have planted lettuce,  Chinese Cabbage(three kinds),  spinach, two kinds of Asian eggplants (the long skinny ones purple and lavender striped), potatoes that are up about a foot tall, all the tomato plants (I have  lost track of how many), two kinds of sweet peppers and two varieties of pole beans.  I also broke  my rule on sweet potatoes and planted 6 Beauregard's in a short row by the  east end of the garden.

This is the month for iris and early clematis.

I was afraid  I had lost all of these pretty pale blue or lavender ones but these survived on the north side of the miscanthus.  I call it Barb's iris after one of my sweet neighbors who died shortly after telling  me to please come get some. Sure glad  I did.

My one red iris that I have been planning to move  for 3 years now...............
I enlarged this because I just noticed the alba roses are beginning to bloom (the pink in the background) and I hadn't even noticed....I did smell something wonderful but thought it was the locust tree that is blooming.  Note I have just cleaned  the front of the bed.......I am moving slowly along.  The iris is Fragrant Lavender and smells like  grape soda.

  I am finally braving a photo of me at work.  I wish I could Photoshop about 50 more pounds  off but alas it is much harder than that!  Working on that too.