Monday, September 29, 2014

September is Almost Gone

and where did it go?

To be doing absolutely nothing of importance, I am amazed at how fast the time goes.

Life is running pretty smoothly on the farm. We have had lots of fall babies born.  More are showing their Holstein genes this year.  There can't be much Holstein blood left in them, but I was told many years ago by a neighbor that it could flare up out of the blue and that seems to be happening.

I had DH do some pictures for me.  I always enjoy what he takes.  Usually he has a different perspective from mine.

These are of Jewel, the Jersey milk cow and her "baby" that should be weaned very soon1

and Jewel,

This is a shot of the silo and the blue sky above to old barn.

and I will leave this one just to show how we are doing better about piling debris back here.  We now just pile it on the trailer and then we can remove it to the back of the farm,

This is the west end of the Milk Barn (freshly painted) It is just east of the garage where DH was standing,

The chickens are still laying nicely.  They haven't begun to molt yet.  Surely they will and then production drop quickly.

I talked with my Sis yesterday and she was talking about expired driver's licenses....I told her I had never let that happen.....something told me to check.....My license was due on my birthday 9/22/14!  Egads.  Usually the state notifies us; not this time.  Guess where I am heading today!!

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