Thursday, October 27, 2016

We Set a Record

 For the hottest October.

We did get the promised rain;  a very light shower in the afternoon.  The morning was  cool and required a light jacket to work outside.....and I did.

I mowed around the Milk Parlor, the east side (not quite all of it) and the  area around the house.  Used the trimmer some.  I was stunned  with the trimmer.  I hadn't used it for quite some time and dreaded trying to start it......started on first pull!  That must be a first.

Of course I had to pick up the trimmed perilla and toss it to the other side of the border.  I am hoping that will help smother next seasons grass and weeds.  That area by the gas tank is huge and I still have the back near the tank to finish.

I worked about 2 hours and then quit when Max came back from checking cows.  He relocated them to the west half of the farm the other side of the lane that runs down the middle.

A lot of them bunched up next to the barn lot waiting for him.

The got very interested in my mower,

I saw more pumpkins while mowing  around the house, stopped and clipped them off and moved them to a cushion of grass to cure a little more.

Just a follow-up note on my cleaning the Milk Parlor:

No inside pictures, but this is the result.  I like how the morning sun shines behind making the trash look almost artistic....OK, that is pushing it a bit, but,

It is almost daylight, so I better get  busy.