Monday, May 2, 2016

Blackberry Winter and Rhubarb Pie

We are in the middle of Blackberry Winter.  This is what the old timers call a cold snap during black berry bloom and they are fully bloomed out and it is overcast and 50°.

My morning yard tour was in the sunshine which has since disappeared.

From 5/2/16

I still find a few close enough that I can thin to about 6 inches apart.

Nepeta with iris.  There is a touch of blue on the iris....
From 5/2/16

The next is a close up of bloom on nigella damascena/Love in a Mist.  This annual self-seeds heavily in the foundation beds.  I leave all of them.  They seem to be taller this year.

This is another remaining rose that hasn't grown as it should.  I think it is a Hybrid Musk  'Felicia' and is very fragrant.  I am going to try to really take care of the few remaining roses that I have and see if I can get them to their maximum.
and another rose, in the old cistern surrounded by chive blossoms.  It is a polyantha rose from Chamblee's Roses in Texas and may be Marie Pavie or Daly.


I saw this recipe other other day and wanted to try it.  I always make my rhubarb pie the way Mom did...that means no eggs and all white  sugar.  The pie turned out great and was delicious.  I have made several of her recipes and she takes beautiful pictures of the food.  Thibault's Table. 
At first I thought mine  was as tasty but then the second day, I appreciated it more and liked the way there was no runny filling causing the bottom crust to get soft.  I might just make it  again.....if I can ever get rhubarb to grow here!  This was from my Sis's patch.

Max is even enjoying it.....maybe he is just desperate since I am not baking nearly as much these days.