Monday, January 22, 2018

Bread Day Again and Carpenter worked Again!

We got a wonderful 2 inch rain overnight.  We may get caught up before spring comes.  No storms, just a gentle steady rain.  It is very warm, unseasonably so, but we will enjoy it while it lasts.

Yesterday was break-making day.  I decided to do the Hodgson Mills white bread.  I always use unbleached while flour, King Arthur preferred brand. This bread calls for three rises and I normally do them.  This time it took a lot longer that the hour rise of each.  I didn't set the timer and got involved (with the computer).  The dough had risen over the sides of the bowl and was hanging down almost to the counter!  It had a bit of a  yeasty, sour-dough smell but I made up the three loaves, baked and it  was great.  I could still detect a bit of sour-dough flavor but we  enjoyed our sample piece and it toasted beautifully this morning.

Wish I had taken a picture of it hanging over the bowl....but panicked and didn't.

They are my usual lop-sided shape.  I keep meaning to make the loaves smaller so they don't pop open on one side.......

The new chickens are still laying nicely for us.  I now have 2 dozen colorful ones in the fridge.

Miscellaneous Pictures

She is (it think it is a she) one of the barn kittens a passing Mama Cat had in our barn.  As soon as they were weaning age, she took off leaving the babies behind.  She seems to be special friends with  our Tommie (bottle raised) which is a little worrisome.   Time  will tell.