Sunday, April 13, 2014

Win a Few/ Loose a Few or Life on the Farm

Today is a warmish but very windy day.  Storms are supposed to move in bringing rain and some very cold weather for a couple of days. 

Willow has outsmarted me again.  I milked this morning and she did not let down.  I got l gallon instead of three.  I did not let her have the calves either!  I will show her.  I will probably milk again this evening late.

Perseverance pays off!  My Echo trimmer wouldn't start.  I replace the plug, put new gas in and then loaded the string.....nada.  I decided I had not used the proper gas/oil mix.  So this morning, I drained all gas out; mixed a new gallon with only a little over 2 oz. of oil (50:1).  Refilled tank, shot a squirt of starter fluid on the breather.  Pulled about l0 times and at last it fired up.  I trimmed  about an hour; killed it and it restarted beautifully.  I hope that issue is behind me.

I trimmed a couple of clematis and put fresh straw in the chicken nests.  They were singing happily.  I found a bed of chickweed and pulled a 5-gallon bucket for them.  They seemed to enjoy that; I already had 4 eggs in one nest but I just left them.  Maybe it will encourage the other girls to lay.

Last fall I ordered The Works daffodils from White Flower Farm and they are finally blooming.  I seem to have an over balance of small and exotics rather than the large flowered ones.  Next year I will just order individual varieties that I want.

I was going to take pictures in situ but the winds made it impossible so I picked a bouquet and brought in.

One of the  lilacs, Isabella, is in bloom next to a seedling redbud I planted a few years ago.

They are not fully open, but the lilac is scenting the front yard,

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