Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A New Day

The sun is shining ....  for now.... at least.  We have already had a half inch rain.

The boys are still here (in bed) so I have a quiet moment to maybe catch up the blog.  I let the boys do their thing which is stay up around a bonfire half the night and sleep for me.

I have their breakfast already made.  Gravy using left over smothered pork chops from a dinner over biscuits which I will cook whenever....maybe eggs on the side.  They are drinking us out of milk.  We had to make  a run to the market for 'store' milk yesterday evening.  DH milked this morning so we now have 4.5 gallons cooling!  The Jersey is outdoing herself.

OK.  I have only been outside once to work since the girls came  down on Friday evening.  I took advantage of yesterday mornings sun to begin pruning the Korean Boxwoods by the back porch.  This is the first time I have pruned them.  I guess all the rains have  pushed them into overdrive.  They were encroaching on the doorway.  The tops  still need to be leveled off.

I also got the garden fence border trimmed. 

This is taken on the east side of the smokehouse as I walk to the fence around the garden. Clematis Nelly Moser surrounded by seedling poppies.

I am seeing seedling poppies every where, even in  the grass.  This is just to the  left or west of the garden walk-through gate.

I wish the captions stayed with the pictures but they don't.  This is clematis Harlow Carr, lilies yet to open, and salvia transylvanica.

and further down the fence:

Clematis Huldine, with lots of self-seeded Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate growing at the base, and persicaria polymorpha is back.  I thought It had  died out but I have two clumps back this year.

I will save the rest for another day.....took 29 pictures!

Just a hint:  Our neighbor boy (16)  came down and asked for work.....he is now trimming the front ditches.......doing a super job so far.  If he has staying power, I will have him do the entire yard. 

First picture:  This is the east ditch that was 2-feet deep in cheat grass and other weeds.  I didn't take a before pic; I wish I had.

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