Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Feed Setup

We are enjoying a lovely period of warmer weather.  It got up to 50° yesterday.

We decided  to make a run for some odds and ends we were getting low on...(cat and dog food).  I called MIL and she was raring to go! 96 years old and I wish I had her enthusiasm.    We got our shopping done and ate lunch out. 

This is going to be about our revamped feed room.  Remember when I had to do chores and could not climb up into the feed bin in the loft?  Well, that  got me thinking  that there must be a better  way and there was.

The before of this room was embarrassing cluttered and filled with junk.  It took me several hours to get it to this shape:

This is standing at the front (south) door looking toward the back wall.  That door opens into the milking parlor where the cow/cows stand to be milked.  That long tube  is where we previously got the feed but when the amount of feed upstairs got down low, we would have to climb up and shovel it over to the opening at the top of the tube.  That worked good for many years but not so much now.

This is the east wall, just to show where I had to place some of the things I couldn't get rid of.  It wasn't easy move pallets with bags hydrated lime!

and now with the 3 tons of feed delivered:

The trash cans are filled with cat and dog feed and is just inside the door.  I wanted the feed farther back in the room but the truck couldn't do that. This is actually good because we can now get feed from the back side for the milk cow.

I still haven't got DH to move the feed trough over to the fence line and wire it to the steel posts so you don't have to walk inside the pen  to feed the calves.  Walking on frozen rough ground where cows have torn up the sod in wet weather isn't  easy, especially if you have a chronic dizzy problem.

One step at a time.......DH is not talking of selling the cows now.  So we will take it slowly and see how things  go.