Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beautiful Saturday Morning!

and it truly is.  We are having perfect fall days and cool nights.  We don't have  much color here yet but we haven't had a frost yet either.  I think our normal date is l0/20 or near that.

I took my first tour of the yard yesterday in probably a month or  so.  I also took the camera.

These are growing all over the yard because of our wonderful rains:

I counted 20 clumps.  I was told by a dairy nutritionist that was a sign of fertile soil.  I hope he is right.

Here is an interesting one.  I did know the name but it escapes me.  I tried to find a  similar one using Google search.  I found one similar but not in this stage or not this exact one.

I still have some nice patches of self-seeded annuals hanging on.  Have you noticed that the salvias get a much deeper and intense blue with cooler weather.

See the pure white strain?  I hope to save seeds but it will probably reappear next year.

This is a wider view of this happenstance clump of self-seeders,

and the dahlias......I planted these bargains from Lowes about 5 years ago and never lift them,

These blooms recurred even after I clipped them back earlier thinking they were done for the year,

I mentioned this little thing last post.  It is another stray that the neighbor called us about.............need I say more.  She is a female who has had at least one litter and I am highly suspicious she may be having another....Oh well, we have never had puppies before.

and a gift for the girls in the henhouse:

He is quite ancient so I don't think he will bother  them to excess.  Our neighbor was moving and she had three hens and this old standby.  She is the one who located our latest batch of Hi-Line hens and didn't want to move hers so gifted us  with them.  Of course, if you know chickens at all, you realize  that this threw them into a turmoil and our production dropped quickly.  I think they are about to get used to each other now. 

Chickens are so funny.  I cleaned out the nests yesterday and before I finished, 3 hens were trying to get into the same nest....with two vacant ones on the same shelf.

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