Saturday, July 26, 2014

It is still very hot and very dry here.  I see we are now considered in a mild drought on the maps.

I haven't been doing much outside.  I have had two episodes of muscle spasms in my lower back.  I thought it was using the trimmer, but the second time was after mowing about 30 minutes. 

I am hoping this will be like the polymyalgia rheumatica I had a few years ago and it, too, will disappear and stay gone!

DH will be using the mower for a few days....I know he is thrilled.  He always mows the orchard and part of the he will be doing it all.

I am still dragging the hose to  various places.  Today will be the fruit trees.  I need to pick green beans from the hoophouse.  We have had one tiny tomato and the little grape-type tomatoes by the patio are ripening.

This is a volunteer from last year.  It is sweet as sugar.

The swamp mallow (hibiscus moscheutos) by the kitchen window is in full bloom.  I think there are three different colors here. 

The Cleanup Crew's Work

The Ash Tree Bed is no more:

This had become a sad jumble of ash, euonymous, and various other saplings.  Sadly, I also let them cut a clematis that was almost completely hidden by the jungle.  I doubt it will come back  from the roots but I will water this spot deeply and see what happens.

I did take a before picture with a caption "want it completely gone"; now it is.

Random Animal

not an animal, but couldn't resist snapping a picture of it.  I kept thinking of the song 'there's a little green frog'

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