Monday, October 26, 2009

Up again this morning at 4 AM to a light rain at a balmy 56°. The rain has continued all day but is now a not quite so balmy 46°.

The last of my fall blooming iris managed to open in less than favorable conditions. This is her first year to bloom in a new spot since my big iris thinning project of last year. This one is called Suky.

A lot of the iris I moved still have not bloomed; I am hoping next year will be better.
One group is on the west side of the garage and just gets afternoon sun. That may not work. I may have to relocate them again.

I have started feeding the birds again this week. It didn't take them long to find the feeder.

To Do List:

Plant hemerocallis seeds and put under lights
Tidy up saved seeds and send to those who have requested seeds.
Clean off plant light stand on back porch to get ready for pots of hemerocallis.

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