Monday, September 9, 2013

First Week of September

We are having our normal hot and dry July weather now.....days are in the  90's and nights stay in the  upper 70's.  We are almost a month now without rain.  I am watering a little but not the garden proper since it is finished producing.

I did plant some lettuce and a short row of turnips.  I watered it daily and was really surprised to see the seeds come up within a couple of days.  I will keep watering it until (hopefully) fall rains start.  I see there is a promise by the end of this week.

I haven't been very productive for some time.  We have had our granddaughter and her friend twice now and the last time our grandson and one of his friends came too!  It made for quite a houseful in the old farmhouse!  We did enjoy them a lot.  Here is a truism we have learned:  If you provide boys for the girls (in the form of our very nice neighbor boy and his friends), the girls are very happy; if you provide the 15-year old boys with a 4-wheeler and an old running farm truck, they are very happy!  I think they are planning a return trip.

Our 18 year-old granddaughter fell in love with the new kitty....she is adopting him.  I was stunned our son agreed.  She is now living with him.  I promised  to have him neutered when he is older.  The vet says he still has one baby tooth so is approaching 6-months...she recommended waiting another 4 months.  The cat is very small, just 6 lbs.  Our GD may decide to come get him and keep him with her for that 4  months and then bring him back down here to my vet.  I am keeping my fingers crossed all goes well all three: the cat, the granddaughter and our son.................

 The new kitty:
All I am planning this week is tidying the house and yard.  More company is coming.   This time my Sis and BIL from Iowa.  His sister has been  diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and they are having a small reunion with her and the rest of his family.  It will be a short trip but it has been two years since they were down.  Of course both string trimmers chose this time to BIL is a fanatic ab out keeping their place pretty pristine............oh well.

I hope to check with our local orchard and see if the Jonathon apples are ready.  I also want some Golden Delicious for sauce.   We have almost eaten all the sauce from last year....where I used the wrong funnel on my Squeezo and got some tiny flecks of seeds in the sauce.  I finally located the correct actually fell out of the box when I went to put the things away.  I will be sure to use it this time! 

Random pictures

I shouldn't post this because the quality is so poor, but I loved the shot.  Sugar is in a full run, feet off the ground and loose skin blowing in the wind.

Rosa Buff Beauty (maybe on its last legs due to RRD)


  1. I'm the first to admit that I'm not a cat person, but I must agree that THAT is one pretty kitty! Glad to hear you have been enjoying family visits. Got my fingers crossed you get some rain soon. There is radar heading our way right now and I'm hoping it won't crap out on us. We've had very little rain for the past weeks....

  2. Your weather sounds much like ours. I got used to the frequent rains this summer and now I am lamenting the dry weather!

  3. Glenda,

    What a beautiful kitten, I hope it all works out with GD and Son with having this baby at their place.

    I love having company, especially family when you haven't seen them In a long time. You'll have fun swapping stories and seeing each other again, I just wish it was under better circumstances.

    Is Sugar just about full grown now? By the way, this is a great picture of her.

  4. Glenda, was glad to see the comment on my blog. Have been out of the loop for quite awhile. DH had a serious 4-wheeler accident the last of January and is just now getting around fairly well. He broke 6 ribs, a bone in his spine and had a concussion. Long therapy but thankful he is alive!

    Sounds like you are still keeping busy. Enjoy your family!

  5. Heh. Toys bring in the boys, who are "boy toys" for the girls! Sounds like a plan. Glad to hear DGD is now living with DS. Sounds like things are working out.

    I'm still figuring out things I won't water anymore, it doesn't look like our chances of rain are going to produce much moisture even if they go higher than a 20% chance.

  6. Love that your GD adored the little kitty...sweet companion for her, her Dad! Sugar s a NUT, Glenda and I love that too...almost as much as the boys and the old farm truck and four wheeler and the girls having boys!!! When the 3 grand daughter come to visit, I'll have to comb the neighborhood...:)JP

  7. Sugar and the Roses are color-coordinated!

    AS long as the weather stays hot, you don't need too many ambitious projects. I haven't started watering, but know it needs to start soon or I'll have to edit everything annual and some permanent fixtures.

  8. Hi Glenda,
    I hope things are going well for you, and that your granddaughter has the kitty by now. That is a cute photo of Sugar. She sure looks happy in that photo! The roses sure are pretty. I don't know what RRD is. I'm guessing it's a disease. I'm sorry to hear that.

  9. Re: Eupatorium and Rabbit Tobacco: I don't intentionally move anything that grows wild here to my gardens near the house. Sometimes something will turn up in a flower bed and I'll let it grow for a season or two. Wind moves lots of seeds around.

    Watch closely, Rabbit Tobacco will suddenly show up along a fence row or next to a tree where you didn't notice it before the white bluffy heads show up. If it doesn't I'll send you seeds, don't buy any.