Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guest Photographer

 I began this  a week or so ago.....should have dated it.

I am disappointed to report our warm weekend slightly evaporated. It was l7° this morning and very windy. Our 59 morphed into 35!

We are doing a bit of household chores this morning....long overdue. I have a different (for me) chicken pot pie in the small oven. I made this one with pie crust instead of biscuits like usual.

This afternoon is reserved for a visit to MIL. She needs another grab bar in the house. We will be testing the new drill/driver I bought.

I spent more time texting yesterday afternoon and evening than I thought possible. Daughter's daughter a few times and the older one granddaughter lots of times. She was visiting her boyfriend and they were cooking dinner. First she wanted to know how to mash potatoes.....then make dinner rolls. When I told her how long that took I suggested biscuits so emailed her both recipes.

She texted this AM; potatoes were great. They decided to get a “crappy mix “ for the bread. This child has not been reared in the kitchen. Her mother is not a cook. Her Dad is but their schedules don't mesh. While she is in school, he is at work. I need her down her for a week or so. I may try to teach her a crash course via texting (I hate) and the telephone on her days off, Fridays. I am happy she wants to cook and will help her in any way I can.

Well, a week has passed and nothing of great significance got done. Just routine things.

We did pick up the bull (yes, I said bull) we had processed. Long story, short: My helpmate sold all the calves without checking with me....that won't be happening again!. Anyway, the good news is the meat so far is delicious. There is zero fat which means some of the cuts will need to be tenderized to be easy to eat. The roasts and round steaks are fine because I cook them long and very low in the crock pot. I have already done round steak and it cooked very tender in less than three hours on high.

The hamburger is delicious. I am happy because we were completely out of beef.

We will be sharing with both sets of kids.

Today I am going to thoroughly re-organize and clean the back porch. My plant light shelving has to be cleared off because I will be planting seeds soon. Anything left vacant on the porch becomes instant shelving for “stuff”. Now that stuff has to go. My shelving project isn't going as well as I thought it would but I will still finish it and use it. Nothing is ever as simple or as easy as you think!

We will have company beginning Thursday for a long weekend. Granddaughter is coming down. Her BF will be home that weekend also so she won't be here that much.

The following photos are courtesy of DH. I told him no cows this time. He was trying to show me the new fence we had repaired last fall. You should have heard us! He is not good describing locations and ,just possibly, I am not good at understanding.  We might have got a little loud..

.I really liked this one of the Oak tree,

We had some north property line fence repaired last fall because of a neighboring bull that kept coming back and forth. The neighbors shared the cost (thank goodness).

The details of the fencing.  We are very happy with the finished product and we should be; it wasn't cheap.

I hope this is a Sycamore because we  had to cut the huge one we had in the West boundary line and I love how they look in fall and winter.  I asked DH if he could find it again.......he thought he could.  I see a new house being built back in the woods behind us so I am thinking that young tree is on them; not us.


  1. So glad to learn that you've finally got some beef in the freezer! Say, was it the bull that kept coming into your pasture? *heh* Another polar event this whole week. Down below zero at night. No sign of spring up here!

    1. No, but we did have one that stayed so long, I considered selling it!

      Cold here too. I just left the water dripping in the kitchen before going to bed. Down to 14° I am tired of it already!

  2. Your property is so beautiful. Reminds me of the countryside back in Illinois where I grew up . . . and no longer exists as it's all been turned into malls and suburbia. Last time we went back there I felt totally lost because it had been so built up and all the familiar landmarks were gone.

    Bless you for taking the time to teach your granddaughter how to cook real food. What a lost art that is becoming. I worry about kids growing up on fast food and pre-packaged stuff that passes as "real" food.

    1. I am surprised by how both our kids, son and daughter like 'real' food. My son is a good cook when he has time. Our daughter says they sit down together every night to dinner. Her daughter has been surprised to find very few of her friends do that. Sometimes the things we do as we raise them really does stick with them!

  3. I laughed right out loud at your description of you and DH working on the fence. Same stuff here. Hubs thinks his way is the ONLY way. I get so tired of a man's ego getting in the way and wish he'd just do things the way I suggest. But NOOOOO, always has to do it HIS way. Sheesh!

    I guess it's not uncommon for skills, such as cooking, to skip a generation. It's probably best that it happens, then it's not taken for granted with those who pick it back up again.

    Glad your beef is good. I'm jealous of all that wonderful beef and milk, but I know how hard you have to work to grow it!

    1. We know better than to work together unless we just have to! Funny how we did so well together when we had the dairy. I think the secret was he did his thing and I did mine.

      We are relieved the beef is good too; I was worried.