Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Productive Week

It's a beautiful Saturday morning.  We have just enjoyed a l.75 inch rain which was badly needed and it came after I mulched 7 bales of straw.  Perfect timing.  I like rain on the mulch to press it down around the plants.  I had watered before mulching so things should be in good shape waterwise for some time.

This is the row of strawberries.  There are lots of runners but the mulch is hiding them,

At the same  time I did the strawberries, I weeded the "potato row" next to them.  There are maybe 4 plants in that row!  I planted very late....hope to not do that again.  I also planted some cuttings from store potatoes that I dug up intact.  They must have been treated with something to keep them from  sprouting.  I did get one mess from graveling a plant.  I think it must have been Yukon Gold from the color.

Sweet potato row mulched

This is the end of the sweet potato, corn patch,  I mulched most of it.  I see I have missed a hill of squash and a tomato under the hoop.

The dill patch

Found several of these

Due to these butterflies,

I should have pruned this heavily but did not,  it is Shoal Creek vitex agnus castus or chaste tree.  This is what the swallowtail butterfly was on.

and last but not least,

tools of the trade,

Have a wonderful weekend.  Hope things are going well in your world.

P.S.  Yet to do,


  1. Just when I think I'm moving along, you put me to shame, Glenda. LOL That's a lot of mulching. It's a pain, but it pays off. Love the swallowtails and their brightly colored caterpillars. Envy the rain. Loving the vitex. Wonder if it will grow in zone 5... I just came in. Hot here. If I don't get out before 6 a.m. I won't get my 3 hours outside before it gets to hot. Don't overdo. You've more than earned some downtime.

    1. It would be iffy in your zone I think.

      3 hours! that outdoes my measly l.5 hrs all to heck!

  2. When we lived in (hot) Illinois, we used to mulch a lot. And I'm sure it really benefits you in your area to do the same. Lots of work, but sure does look nice when it's done. And saves every bit of moisture for your lovely plants be they veggies or flowers. Lookin' good!

    1. So your summers don't get that hot? I don't know much about climate conditions up north. I know I don't mulch things that need heat until they are blooming.

  3. I've got two bags of mulch to put in large containers of plants. I need to get out early one morning this coming week to empty the bags. :-)

    Everything looks good there. Love the dill patch and your vitex tree is wonderful.

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

    1. I hadn't thought about mulching containers...great idea.

      Take it easy and stay out of that Florida sun.

  4. It is really hard for us to get hay that's in bales here. Almost all of it is done up in those huge round things, and transportation of those is an issue. My source for one, delivered, moved away. So I'm using leaves, wood chips, and cardboard, doesn't look nearly as good as your mulching does, but it's all I have to work with, and I have to feel lucky to have that. Your dill looks nice. I have so much of it volunteer, making a concerted effort to stay on top of it this year, and planting fennel and cilantro/coriander. Now that I don't waste my time making dill pickles, I have no need for dill in the garden except for the beneficials, but they are just as satisfied with fennel and coriander, which I like better. We've a 60% chance of rain tonight and a 50% chance for Monday, they're even saying accumulation expected is between a quarter and a half an inch. I sure hope that happens, I'm wearing myself smooth watering, and not getting my weeding done. Hugs xoxoxo

    1. gldJune 29, 2016 at 6:15 AM

      Round bales are about all they make these days unless it is for horse people.

      I think any kind of mulch is good.

      I wanted to get some fennel going this year but failed to plant the seeds early enough. I use the seeds in Italian dishes and make sweet sausage using them.

      The dill is dying back. I should remove most of seed heads but probably won't. I just mow down what I don't want. I even mailed my Sis a huge handful in a manila envelope and she got it before it even wilted.

  5. Much progress and every thing looks great. Hoping we will get rain soon.

  6. I hope you do too. Rain is in our forecast for several days (hay is on the ground!).

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