Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I Found Them!

I don't think I have talked about our cat or cat- less situation on the farm before.  We did have 16 at one time and no mice......slowly we got down to just two adults.  I had a friend bring us a mother cat and her two half grown babies.  Well, only one stayed and she is a yellow and white female.

This is a picture of her  before.............

As I said she was a female so a visiting neighbor's tom did what comes naturally and I noticed she was getting  very large in the tummy; also Max had seen the  event happen and I noted  they would be born in April.  One morning she came up looking noticeably thinner and I knew she had her babies.  I looked for a week or more in the old chicken house where she lives.  I also noted our oldest yellow and white tom stayed by her side.  I told Max they looked like a married couple but I was worried about the kittens.

Last week I was inside the chicken house moving out a garden cart and there they were.
I had an old shower door propped against  the wall  and she had a nest of straw behind it and they were easily spotted.

We also have a black and  white tom that visits regularly to steal our cat food.  I suspect that is not all he does.  I think I will finally have my longed for Calico.  We are delighted.
P.S.  She has already be re-bred.....doubt it sticks and we will have her spayed when she weans the babies.

I have kitten chow on my shopping list now.


  1. What a sweet little litter! Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Watch out, mousies. Reinforcements have arrived!

  3. There's nothing cuter than little baby kittens! Adorable! We have 3 feral mamas that have given birth but I have no idea where the kittens are. I see the mamas going in 2 different directions from the patio where I put food out for them. We've seen some raccoons around in the yard, so I'm hoping they don't find them.

  4. Oh, eyes open and everything! What fun.