Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November 29-December 3 Random Farm Pictures

We got a very nice rain last night.  Of course, I had put away my gauge and don't see  a bucket anywhere in sight.  The bird bath is full.  I am guessing at least 1/2 inch.  Yesterday was very warm and I worked outside in just a flannel shirt (and jeans!). 

I had planned to weed the struggling strawberry bed, soak it deeply and then till the rest of the garden.
My plans didn't work out exactly.  I did get the strawberries ready for mulch but by the time I pulled the rest of the corn stalks and mowed off the remain weeds, I was too tired to till.  After the rain, I will have to hold off on tilling.  No doubt by then, it will cold again.....my own fault for being too lazy to get it done before this.

The weeds in the strawberries were henbit.  Even in damp soil they are hard to pull, most were hoed out.

One thing I noticed was how the self-seeded malva sylvestris had grown vigorously this fall.  They are about bushel basket size or larger.  I may have to eliminate most of them.  Once they get started they are very difficult to remove.  The roots are like hollyhocks, touch and deep.

I also see I have a lot of dried Trail of Tears beans to harvest for seeds.  I will let them dry after the rain.

The puppy is so rambunctious that I can't let her roam free while I am working.....she heads to the front of the house or the road.....she slipped her collar when I tied her out in the garden with me.  My garden is not dog proof. 

Random Farm Pictures

DH wanted to take the camera with him yesterday to take pictures of a new 'tiny' baby calf.  She is out of a first calf heifer and is the smallest one we have had born.  We will keep a close watch on her; her Mama may not be giving enough milk. I can graft her on Willow if need be.  Willow's two could be weaned anytime.  They are 3 months old.

From Cows 2012

Not  sure which field this is, but just some of the cows still grazing.  We are now putting out hay daily just in case.

From Cows 2012

DH tells me we have two or three of these little red calves, a first.  I suspect our neighbor's Red Angus bull has been visiting.


  1. I wish we could find some Hay!!

    Great pictures.

    After two hot days we are getting rain today.

    1. Gail, we are still down 12 inches for the year but I know some parts of Arkansas were even drier than us.

      Have you checked Craig's List? I see some listed now and then.

  2. Boy, Glenda, that is a tiny calf, very tiny. I haven't seen one that tiny even at the vet clinic.
    Yup, I say you had a visiting red bull somewhere...;&)
    We still have had zero rain, nada, nothing. The air is so very dry and I am running my cool mist humidifiers daily. The static is unreal. The cats get shocked walking acoss the floor and the rugs and jump when they get shocked.
    It's been very warm and beautiful here, but I just heard the weather on the radio and its suppose to be getting colder with a chance of snow showers, yeah, like I've heard that before.
    Well, I hope that you were wearing jeans!!!!!

    1. Funny, the neighbor never mentioned it...when our black bull would get among his Charolais (white) he let us know immediately!

      We were surprised by this rain but very grateful.

  3. What a gorgeous calf, I sure hope the mom is feeding the baby enough.

    The weather is constantly changing here one day it's cold and you need a winter coat and the next you could wear shorts.
    Today is a jean day with a short sleeved shirt.

    1. It is a little cooler here than that; 57°. I don't mind that temp if I am working outside....as long as there is no wind.

  4. Mon & Tue were 60ish and about 100% humidity - ick - and we got .8" of rain. Today will only get in the 30s. Brrr. I never know WHAT to wear. The gum trees are finally losing their leaves. Too bad - the mower is stored away for the season. Let 'em blow! *heh* I've never seen any pics of your cattle before that had a white face. Very striking.

    1. When we began to build up the herd after we quit milking, we bought a group of young black cows with one white face in the group. This is her daughter and granddaughter. We still have one old Holstein that gives us a calf each year with some white on it in various places.

  5. That's the cutest little calf! Glad to hear you got some rain, we didn't get much here. Love your farm photos!


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