Sunday, July 14, 2013

I had a very productive day yesterday.  I cleaned (once again) the large bed around the propane tank.  There must be a permanent answer to this.  I am thinking reduce the bed by at least half and mulch heavily with the wood chips.  I would eliminate it entirely but I can't bear to lose the iris, daylilies, peonies, rudbeckia, salvia and all those self-seeded poppies.  I need help!  Cutting back is hard to do!

I had great plans  to get out early this morning.  Then our son called....that takes priority over all else.  I hadn't talked with him in a long while.  An hour later I started breakfast....DH was finishing up when our hay man knocked on the back door.  He had fixed the chainsaw (no charge), just cleaned the carburetor and replaced with fresh gasoline and it starts on first pull.    We always get into long conversations when he comes. Some time later we went back inside to finish breakfast.  Phone rang again; It was our daughter.  We  didn't talk quite as long since we talk several times a week.  By now It was around 9 AM and I was completely out of the notion of outside work.

Ergo, I did none.

I am not sure when I squeezed in the pictures....probably before I started breakfast??? don't know.


Not much is happening in the Humming Bird Bed but the salvia from Park Seed.

 photo salivafromParkseed_zpsb9db215a.jpg

and the ageratum 'Leilani', also from Park.

 photo Leilaniaageratums_zps59a0406b.jpg

This is the path between the new shrub border in the front of the house and the foundation beds.  I began this border because we know we will eventually loose the old Silver Maple trees along the road .  It needs a few more shrubs to fill in and a some more years but I am happy how it is progressing.  If  I do any flowers it will be just some easy care ones here and there.

 photo Shrubrowandfoundationbeds_zpsdf51fda4.jpg

Next I toured the backyard garden,

This is the monster hill of butternut squash....still keeping my fingers crossed about the squash bugs,

 photo Westendofsquashrow_zps908f8e73.jpg

and the middle of the squash row,

 photo middleofsquashrow_zps44444a7c.jpg

This is looking west, showing the entire squash row in the middle (also sweet potatoes), the tomato row on the left and the strawberry row on the far right.

 photo Backoftomatorowsweetpotatoessquashandstrawberryrow_zpse20400ca.jpg

I am now getting bell peppers,  I still like the old California Wonders better.  These may be Karma.  They certainly are not the 6x4 inch peppers touted in the catalog!

 photo BellPeppers_zps1aea3d4c.jpg

Still waiting on a ripe tomato,

 photo Greentomatoes_zps9277e22d.jpg


  1. Every time I visit here I am inspired Glenda. Your flowers and shrubs are lovely and your veggies are making me hungry!

    It is hard to cutback, I wish you success in this area. :-)

    Glad you got to talk with your kids, that your chain saw was taken care of, and hope your week is a good one.

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments on my blog.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Wow, you do have a lot of gardening to keep up with. I'd never make it. Good for you, your yard is very attractive.

  3. I just love your yard with all the flower gardens. We are needing to plant something where we've had to cut down some evergreen trees that didn't survive the drought last year. Something for privacy between our house and the highway.

  4. You have a lot to take care of. I don't plant around things like the propane tank. I just pretend it isn't there and put something in the line of sight between me and it.

    Your peppers sure look tasty to me. Some of my "heirloom" tomatoes are wilted today. I think they are drowning, we had another 4 inches of rain in a short time. I told He-who-mows that if they are wilted in the morning, they have to go. I cannot coddle anybody in July.

    A neighbor brought us a watermelon. He said it wouldn't be sweet, it is full of water, lol.

  5. Glenda,
    Beautiful flowers and vegetable garden. Soon you'll be harvesting all kinds of vegetables.

    I love talking to my kids over the phone when you haven't seen them in a while. I seem to lose track of time when talking but that's okay. It's good to hear from them while they create their own lives.