Monday, July 22, 2013

The big news from my part of the world,  southwest Missouri, is that we have had two nice rains.  The last one was 2 inches over two days.  What a blessing!  Getting rain after cutting the hay fields is a  very good thing.  I am taking responsibility for this one......once again I had watered almost all day the day before! 

The other news is we trapped two of the varmints that were getting our chickens, raccoons.  They also had made a small  attack on the sweet corn patch.  Didn't get anything last night but we will keep the traps baited and see what happens.  I hope we can remember to set the camera up tonight.

I have spent the day cleaning and baking bread. I made a 6 cup batch of hamburger and hotdog buns and a l0  cup recipe of French Bread.  That should tide us over.

Our 18 year old granddaughter is going to spend three days with us beginning tomorrow.  She has to do something at MSU and will also bring down a load of her stuff for the dorm.  We are looking forward to that!


This is the cluster of hibiscus seedlings that I was hoping would have more than just the pale pink.....and it does.

Hey, Kris, I did get your golden agastache!  In fact I had three seedlings and chopped  them all but this one before it hit me what it was.

This is the Grass Bed....a long shot so you can't see the very tall weeds,

and I had one  glad return in the humming bird bed.  I wonder if that is a Japanese Beetle on it?

I thought all my Tiger Lilies had gone but I see a few in various beds,

It is hard to believe this is a lawn in July in our area,

I have seen them brown and crisp by now.


  1. Glenda,

    Hey there girl, I'm so glad you got some rain.
    I hate varmints hopefully you'll trap them all and you won't have any more issues.
    Now that's some nice looking buns, and bread......I'm coming to your place for some food :-)

    Enjoy your visit with your granddaughter!

    1. Raccoons have always been a problem here. I wish we could leave the dog loose at night but she is just a pup and would be scared to death. I may have to look for a hound dog!

  2. Things look green at your place, a different July than usual, everywhere.

    I see Melampodium in one of your photos. It's one of my favorite reseeders.

    1. I love melampodium but it has never self seeded for me. These seeds were from Park and I got very poor germination. I am going to try saving my own seeds....thinking these seeds that did make it will be a stronger strain. I like it better than the smaller zinnias for edging.

  3. Reading your blogs I get a serious case of garden envy!! You really have worked hard to create your personal Eden and all your hard work shows in the beautiful and bountiful gardens!

    1. I don't do nearly as good a job as I did a few years ago. I look back at previous year's pictures and see it clearly.

      Oh well, at least I am still at it!!

  4. Glenda, I'm glad you got the needed rain. I would have gladly shared some of ours....9.5 inches so far just in July !!

  5. Ray, that is just unbelievable! Of course, as we all know, you can get too much of a good thing.

  6. Haha! That's what happens when ya whack first and remember later. Will send you some more seeds if you like for next year. Maybe some annual delphinium/larkspur too if you like... Love your red salvia - can't Yvonne's anymore - deer make a beeline for them.

    Grass has never stopped this year. The week-long heat wave is over, the rains have returned (with cooler *yay* temps) and the lawns are growing gangbusters.