Friday, September 19, 2014

I Am Feeling Much Better....Good, Infact!

I was up way too early again, 2 AM, but felt quite rested so just stayed up.   I even made coffee at 3:30.

Good news about my knee.  It 90% improved.  So much so that at 5 AM, I washed both light fixtures in the kitchen, the ceiling fan and the cold-air return grat;  got down on my knees and mopped the floor in front of the cabinets before I stopped.  Wow.  (it needed doing).  I have neglected things.

I went to the barn and helped DH milk.  I am now storing the milk overnight so I can skim the cream and make butter which I just did.

I had  l full pint and a part of one from last week.  I use the Food Processor and it goes very quickly.  I also used my new Butter Muslin that also worked well.

I ended up with 8+ ounces of sweet cream butter.  As it accumulates, I will freeze it.

About the middle of next month, I will wean Jewel's calf and if she is giving enough to justify it, we will milk her daily also.....more butter.

DH is in town doing some errands for his mother. 

I am vehicle-less.  The battery is down on the car.  He has it on the charger.  I almost wish he hadn't told me.  I will now fret even though I have no plans to go anywhere!

I have a very small cherry cobbler in the oven.  I had a part package of cherries and a single crust in the freezer so I just rolled it out over the top.  Very simple.  I shouldn't have watched that cooking show last night; they were making baked desserts; my weakness.

I will restrain myself!  I will!


  1. Hmmmm...cherry cobbler. Why bother restraining yourself? That's too much work! :)

  2. Glenda,

    Great news about your knee doing better.
    When we don't feel good or have a knee, leg, arm hurting like crazy we tend to let the cleaning go for a little while. Once were feeling better, we start immediately cleaning. Something we've been brought up doing.

    Cobbler sounds really good right about now :-)

  3. Glad your knee is feeling better. It's difficult to have a bum-anybodypart for "normal" people, but worse for farmish people.
    Oh, how I envy your butter, and cream. One day we'll have a cow.

  4. Oh my. I could use a shot of something like that - look at you go! Hope the knee keeps on the mend and that you don't have to have another shot now and then. I'm so glad you are doing better (and butter!). Up at 2:00 am? What time do you fall asleep? Good grief. Enjoy your day - but don't overdo that knee, poor thing. LOL

  5. Wow, Glenda! There you go again, working circles around me! I wish I had as much stamina as you do. I love your resources too, in having cows that give you milk that you can make butter with. I hope your knee continues to heal.