Saturday, September 20, 2014

Last Rose of Summer (really just last flowers)

Another gorgeous morning.

Up way too early again even though I stayed up later.....nuts I know.  I did sleep in my chair another couple of hours.

Helped Max milk.  I skimmed yesterdays milk and bottled it and set this mornings  again.  I think she gave more this morning.

I wanted to catch a picture of Jewel and her very large calf but they didn't cooperate.  Willows older son was standing by so I caught him  He is such a pretty red.  I see he needs fly treatment.

From September 2014 Journal

I took a few pictures of what is left in bloom on this next to last day of summer:

 This is Kerria japonica pleniflora with salvia farinaces and salvia Black and Blue in what used to be the Ash Tree Bed.
 and this is in the New Bed next to the smokehouse, sedum, salvia farinacea and Laura Bush petunias with some self-seeded (well so are the salvias) nicotiana sylvestris in the back ground.

 This is about the only decent thing left in  the Hummingbird Bed in front of the kitchen.  It is anemone Robustissima.
 Closeup of Robustissima Blooms.  I am trying a small bouquet to see how well it  does.  I have never picked them before.
and my old standby quick cover for the compost pile, Hyacinth bean vine

The two above are the hyacinth bean blooms.  The seeds are s pretty as the blooms, solid black with a white eye.

We did some errands and I picked up another two pork roasts on sale for $l.15, these did have the bone in but I think it is still a good buy.  I am cooking one in the pressure cooker for lunch/dinner.

I may do some trimming later in the day (after a nap).


  1. I cannot grow hyacinth vine up here...too cold...but in VA it flourished if I started in the Spring!...:)JP

  2. I love that deep russet color of the calf/cow/steer! Will he be kept as a sire? Or sold for freezer camp? Love the hyacinth bean blooms. Wonder how they would do up my new fence extension next year. Are the beans edible or not worth harvesting? I relented and bought 2 mums in spite of the deer. So far, so good. Only in the 50s today. Brrrrr.

    1. Yes, he will become a sire. The hyacinth beans are poisonous unless prepared a certain way. I would not risk them! They make a very quick cover but become woody are have to be completely removed....not the easiest task for me.

      I bought 3 mums for $10 at the local store. They are very nice. Hope the deer stay away from yours.

  3. Yes, Willow's son is a pretty color. I see you still have some good looking blooms. I like the name of the anemone. It is robust! How did the bouquet turn out? Thanks for stopping by my Wildflower Wednesday post. I am hoping to start keeping up with others' blogs and spend a bit less time on Facebook.

  4. Handsome fellow, that Willowboy.

    It's been a good year for Salvia farinacea. I let Laura Bush die out but I expect there will be some volunteers next spring. I didn't plant Hyacinth Bean this year and always regret that when everybody else's bloom.