Saturday, August 29, 2015

More Catching Up

Yesterday was another perfect day weather-wise.

The meter was replaced on the generator so we should be set in case of another outage.
I did not go back outside to work after lunch.

I was ordered not to overdo by my husband and my Sis. It didn't take much persuasion!

We have had some interesting things happen very close together. First the storm, then the generator troubles, AC failed completely and all the storm debris down.  Some very nice  things happened also.

First they resurfaced our county road; all that is lacking is the painting of the edges and the center line.
It looks very good. I had just commented that it was getting pretty sad looking.

Next they replaced our utility pole and worked on the transformer out by the road.
I guess this was just routine maintenance. Our hookup wasn't quite as direct as the new poles on the side of the road. We had lines going to three sets of sheds, the pole light and then the box that controls the automatic generator, It took 5 men three hours. It is a much cleaner look. They said the generator man should have done a more direct route with just one box; we had two. Also said the transformer wasn't facing the right direction. We think it was replaced back during the ll day outage of our ice storm and was handled by a lovely group from the state of Louisiana. I did enjoy hearing them talk. They mentioned that their rules and setups were not the same as ours in Missouri.

I snuck a few shots of the men at work:

They had 3 big trucks here and drove where ere they pleased! I didn't really care.


Coffee Press coffee. I have always been curious about this method of making  coffee, so I bit the dust and spent a little money.
I used Honduran beans (SIL's influence) and a French press from Amazon (of course).
It is a bit messy but does make very good coffee with no bitter taste at all. I don't make it often.  This was one of my little unnecessary sidelines in the kitchen.  I am still pondering the grinding of wheat berries.  What is stopping me there is where on earth would I store things.  I have become a little 'gadget' oriented in my old age.......I must begin to  control that or we may have to build a new kitchen!  (just kidding about the kitchen).

From 2015-08-29
You will note it also required (I thought) an electric tea kettle......O K it wasn't required but I have read so many English novels and watched their movies and televisions series and they always make tea by plugging in the kettle. It is a bit faster than my gas range, but not a lot. None of the items were terribly expensive so I didn't feel too guilty and Max always says if you want it, get it!  He hasn't  always been this generous about my buying things............he never tells me no but makes me aware of the necessity of the item.

Outside Pictures

I haven't been paying  much attention to things for quite a while.  While I was harvesting the peppers, Max was right across from the drive from me gassing up the tractor.  I stood  up and looked around at the lush greenery and felt a slight cool breeze.  I told him it was the first time in a very long  time that I just felt good being outside (or anywhere, for that matter). Thank God for my doctor and Prednisone.

Zinnias and  Cosmos

This is the  first time that I have managed to plant both these beloved annuals.  I hope can do it again next year.


The store blew them about half way down and they haven't straightened up so I just let them be.  By now the leaves are turning bad but the blooms are still brilliant.

This is iris 'Immortality'  a very dependable rebloomer  for me.  This year it has been outstanding.  I have lost lots of blooms and buds to the blasted Japanese Beetles.  This must be their No. l favorite in my garden .  So  much that I just leave  my sprayer of Sevin sitting outside the kitchen door so I can spritz them regularly.

It still has several buds.

For some reason they don't like vincas!  Love my white Diana rose of sharon, but have never been on the vinca.  I  must remember this and plant more next year.

The cosmos have finally begun to bloom; they were  blown over too.

This is a  mix  of blooms just east of the previous picture.

This is my accidental perilla  border along the edge of the new bed where the Long Island Cheese is planted.
I finally just gave up on it and let it hide the ugliness of the row of iris there.

I took a picture of the squash that some varmint thinks is tasty.

We are now  getting eggs from the new Dominecker chickens.  We just have 5 and some  days get 5 and some days just three.
They are a happy bunch and sing whenever you go into the pen with them.

I took these pictures this morning and found two of the girls on the nest.

The Dominecker is an American Heritage breed.  They are one of the oldest breeds.  I am interested in comparing the hybrids we have had the last two times with them.  The hybrids are great; lay early and large eggs but are not long-lived.  I hope these girls are!

That green plant on the left is native green perilla and smells eactly like the dark purple one.  Indians used this as an herb. It has a  licorice smell when  handled.


  1. Those are some good looking chickens. The last ones I had were golden comets but I want to try a heritage breed next time.

  2. Love your flowers; love your chickens. Love that the electricity is getting back to normal. The more you use your electric tea kettle, the better you will like it. I use mine to make boiling water for Jello. Marvelous!

  3. I make perilla tea sometimes.

    I love my press, bought it at a garage sale for a dollar, couple years ago. I use it to make tea from loose tea leaves and from stuff I grow myself. It does a great job. I've never used it for coffee. It's also great when making infusions, whether with oil as the carrier or vinegar or vodka.

  4. Your zins are really popping this year. So colorful. Glad you are feeling better and getting out in the good weather. Handsome looking chooks - hope they lay well for you.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful and so are the chickens!