Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ATV is Home Again!

Our August heat is back.....I am not going to complain............yet.

They called yesterday that the ATV is fixed.  I had worked in the garden and canned l0 pints of tomatoes and was feeling a little tired.  We decided to go early this morning and do our shopping at the Wal Mart in Bolivar.  I was out of some odds and being ground ginger.  So were  they!  I couldn't believe it.
I did see that they had King Arther flour in 20-lb bags but only the all purpose; no bread flour.  Is still quite a savings but DH didn't want that large a bag in the freezer....I may have to convince him.

We  then picked up the ATV.  They told us it would be an expensive fix, $700.  Well it was a bargain.....$675.  I do hope this is the last repair for some time.  DH looked at a new one while there.  It was $6400.  I told him when I had everything else I wanted, we would get want list is pretty long.

I bought DH a really simple point and shoot Canon. He likes to take one with him when he checks the cows.
It has no bells and whistles except zoom and he forgot to use that!  I think Canon has better color and clarity than my Panasonic.

Sample Pics with Canon A4000 IS

The red one is semi-retired Willow.

I took these in full sun just point and shoot out the door,  This is the front yard with the River Birch in the center,

and this is taken from the dining room porch looking south.  That is a dahlia in the foreground and the Limelight hydrangea.

I just turned north east on the porch and took this of the Humming  Bird Bed,

Random Cat pictures

and I do mean random; this girl showed  up three days ago.......DH is feeding her.  What can I say?

Sugar does not think she lives she may chase her off. 


  1. Great pictures!
    But in the 4th one down ---- Please tell me that a mega huge bird feeder or whatever....

    Otherwise I do think you've got a little UFO hanging out in your yard ;)

    1. I never even noticed that! It is indeed the bottom of the hummingbird feeder. No UFO's here ...... yet.

  2. PS ---- This is NowVoyager from TBM

  3. Great pictures. I need a new camera and I want it as simple and cheap as possible. Can you tell me more detail about the Canon? Thanks!

    1. Ray, it is about as simple as you can get. It does have an 8X zoom and has internal stabilization (IS). That last lets you shoot a picture with very little blur without using a tripod.

      Here is a link to exactly what and where I bought it:

  4. Glenda,

    Sounds like fixing the ATV for $675 is a good deal compared to buying a new one.

    I love your pictures of the cows, fields, and flowers. Did you take these using the new camera?

    1. Max took the field and cow pictures; I took the yard picture all using the new camera.

  5. Your yard has such a lovely, old-fashioned look to it. And I mean that as a HUGE compliment!

    1. That is because it is an old-fashioned place and maintained by an (old) old-fashioned woman!

  6. Dear Glenda ~ It is always a joy to see photos of your home and farm. Glad your DH got his own little camera and it looks like a good one. I have a Canon PowerShot A650 IS, with bells and whistles, which I haven't learned to use all of them yet. We got it mainly for the macro capabilities as I love taking close-ups of flowers etc.

    Looking at your photos there at the farm always makes me feel peaceful. I can just imagine how quiet it is, and smell the scents. Aaahhh!

    Glad you got your ATV back.

    Have a nice day and a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. I didn't know there were pink Rhodofiala. When I googled, I found yellow and white, too. The Pacific Bulb Society has people who go to Central and South America and look at these things in the wild. I was amazed to see how many species.

    I haven't been commenting on your blog but I've been looking. I enjoy so much the photos of the cows. Lane remarked the other day when we were looking at all the Florida Pusley in the field that we needed some cows to eat it. We need fences before cows, lol.

    You may as well go for a new ATV. We don't use the ATV the way we used to but it was handy going after cows. I get lots of use out of my Kawasaki Mule because of the little dump bed. The trees here are aging and there are always lots of dead limbs to pick up when I go on stick patrol.

    Your DH may need a blog of his own to post his photos. The most hits I ever got was when I posted pics of a crop duster overhead.

  8. Oh, the new cat looks like such a sweet girl! Don't let Sugar chase her off. Our dog Sonny loves to chase cats .... squirrels .... rabbits ..... and in his younger days, even birds. When we gave Sam a home, he was sure confused. We kept telling him NO! every time he even looked at her. I was so afraid he would give chase, more for his safety than hers. Now we have to say NO! to her because she wants to bully him.

    Great pics, as always. E-mail coming your way soon. XOXOXO