Saturday, August 17, 2013

Catch up Time Again

If I don't do this one; I may never  do one again!

I am keeping a daily journal in Open Office, much abbreviated so I can have it to refer to for events.

The weather continues to be perfect; sunny, very cool for us and dry.  We are back in the 90's in a few  days but we shouldn't complain.

I have just been busy with normal,  everyday routine, house work,  baking bread, some outside work, canning a few tomatoes, making peach jam and  reading.

We were finally able to mow again but the wheels cut muddy spots in various places in the yard.  DH still hasn't made it to the orchard.  We have been working on cutting up the old apple  tree but doing it very slowly.

I have just limbed one side and the top.  DH loads  it as we go and has hauled off one very full load.  He took off a couple of days to clip the old farm  pastures after the cows had grazed it down.

The  tree was hollow so cutting up the trunk should be pretty easy and fast.  There is still a half tree remaining that I will take down.

Random Flowers

Dahlias must really like the moisture because this is the largest they have ever been.  I just have one left; I do not dig them up each year.  This is on the south end of the porch and has survived 3-4 years now.

 photo dahlia_zpsba419de7.jpg
 photo dahliacloseup_zpsf761bc8f.jpg

Rudbeckia Prairie Sun is looking good,

I like the green centers,

The clematis on the east side of the smokehouse is re blooming,


I harvested  a few peppers,

The smaller are a new  one for me, pepperoncini,

I currently am leaving  three (maybe more since some are coming up in the compost pile) seedling peach trees.....don't know why but they are so healthy I didn't have the heart to cut them down.

This one is next  to the smokehouse in the "new bed" (several years old now)

and these two are in the humming bird bed right outside the kitchen.  I don't recall tossing anything here so don't know how they got here.....maybe our resident skunks or possums.

 photo seedlingpeachtreesinhbbed_zps6aa12d41.jpg


  1. Wonderful pictures!

    Dad use to grow Dinner Plate Dahlias and did them every fall. They were beautiful but too much work for me. I think they have some now you don't have to dig.

    1. Gail, I don't dig glads either. They either make it or they don't and then I don't try them again.
      I am lucky getting plants into the ground one time; no way will I dig them up again and do it all over next season!

      I do think I will try more dahlias next year in a sheltered spot.

  2. So glad to see you posting again, Glenda. I was wondering how you were doing. Love the new pic on the blog banner. I tried dahlias now and then, but they don't thrive for me. I'll stick to my geraniums. ;-D

    1. I have been journaling everyday...just not for publication.

      Funny, geraniums don't even grow let alone thrive for me! The dahlias I just put in the ground and let Mother Nature do it for me.

  3. Glenda,

    Beautiful pictures of your place and the flowers.
    You have a nice looking pepper harvest. Pepperoncini peppers are great in salads, they have a little bite to them.

    I would kill to have fruit trees here the problem, if we planted them we would have to transport them when we move.

  4. I did the pepperoncini because of watching Lidia's Italy cooking show. I swear she puts them in me thinking....

    I had one seedling tree that produced and the peaches were very good so I don't feel like it is a waste letting them grow. I will have to move them however.