Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Peach Cream Pie

The pie is the real star of this so I am using it as the title.

We had a total of 2.75 inches of rain in the gauge this morning, Monday, August 5, 2013. More rain predicted. It was very humid all day long.

I spent my time restoring the kitchen back to pre-company order and did very little cooking for the entire day.

Tuesday August 6. 2013.

More light rain this morning; we added another .75 inches. Several areas in southwest Missouri are flooding. We are in a safe zone so never have to worry about that here.
Hard to believe but the ATV stalled out again.....fencing crew loaded it for DH and we will be headed back to the shop very soon. We delivered it around 8:30 AM. Not a quick fix. They were here to check out the fencing project.

They are also our “do everything” crew. We are replacing a section of fence on the rear boundary of the farm where the neighbor's Hereford bull keeps walking through. It is ancient fencing and needs replacing. Our share will be $1000 which sounds high but this will entail dozing out the entire section and rebuilding either 5 or 6 strand wire. The rest of that line should be taken care of too but the neighbors who own that land don't have cattle and I am sure will not be willing to share costs.
We will get an estimate on that but it will have to wait until next year or a big calf sale! The crew will be here today (if rain allows) to get this done.  The rains continues off and on so they postponed.

The rain is probably negatively affecting the garden and I can't mow but I refuse to complain. It is better than drought and I know other areas need this rain desperately. I just wish we could spread it around some.

Well is is now late afternoon. The fencing crew called; too much rain; they will try another day.


A few days ago my Sis called me about an ingredient in one of my recipes, Grandma's Cream Peach Pie. She was making it for company. I swear I had no recollection of ever having made it. Yet there it was in my files with some personal notations. She called after the dinner and said it was the hit of the meal! Absolutely delicious (her words; not mine). That got me interested. It is now peach season (not my trees yet) so I bought 6 a few days ago and this afternoon made it.

I pulled my frozen crust out this morning and let it thaw while we did our errand with the ATV. Scalded the peaches and sliced 5. I could have just used 4; they were huge and not terribly tasty so I worried it would affect the pie....it did not.

I hope you will try this one. It is incredibly easy and delicious. I don't know what makes it taste better than regular peach pie, but it does!

This is the original recipe with my remarks back in 2010.

Just made this today with the semi-ripe peaches from the half tree.  We think it is a great success.  Even though they call it Grandma's Peach Cream Pie, I think it is like a tart.  It will be rather thin.

The peaches must be of good flavor so I was worried but the green didn't seem to hurt it a bit.

l cup sugar
3 T flour
2 T butter
1/2 cup cream
3-4 peaches, fresh peeled and halved (I used about 4 cups and I sliced them since they were pretty firm.)

Mix first 3 ingredients together.  Pour half into unbaked pie shell.  Fill with fresh peaches.  Cover with rest of mixture.  Pour cream over the top.
Bake 350° for l hour or until set.

I did the full hour in the little oven.  It was perfectly done and set nicely after cooled.  It won't set up until cool.
Note:  I used a 9 inch pie dish and it was almost too full.  Came close to bubbling over....I used a pan under it once it had browned on the bottom.

Grandmas peach cream pie photo


  1. Wow! It looks beautiful! I may actually try this. I'm not a pie baker, really don't even care to cook (although I do!). Your baked goods always inspire me. I'll have to buy the peaches at the little produce stand that have been shipped here from TX. My brother mentioned he is getting tons of rain too. He is further east of your area. Here in Neb. we are getting more rain than we did last year, it's even been humid.

    1. Joy, this is an easy one. Give it a try. You could even buy the crust.

      The area northeast of us is really being hit hard; lots of flooding and more rain up there today! I hope your brother is in a safe high place.

  2. It is gorgeous and you've succeeded in making me drool. LOL.......

    We're hoping for more rain, possibility is 20 percent.

  3. Ok, that looks like it will be on the menu this week as I just finished picking all the peaches off the trees before the darned squirrels got them. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Glad you didn't get flooded out. We're pretty high up & away from the creek so we're fine, but I think my beans that I planted three weeks ago are dead....a full 50' row and not one sprouted. Hopefully this will be great for a second hay cutting if nothing else.

  4. My ground is so sopping wet, I can't get in to plant anything! and it is raining this morning.

    Let me know what you think of the pie.

  5. I think yours might be the peach pie I try this summer. I've only made one once before, and I wasn't impressed. The recipe called for cinnamon, though, and it seemed to me that the cinnamon was what made it taste like other kinds of pies and took away from the peach taste I'd been anticipating. I'll try yours next.

    Your banner photo looks lovely too. I always love pictures of your little cottage.

    1. I am not a big fan of cinnamon. I hope you tried the pie; others have told me it is too sweet for them. It wasn't for us but you could taste the peaches first and go accordingly.

      Thank you for visiting.

    2. I bought the peaches and other ingredients today. I'll be making the pie as soon as the peaches ripen a bit more. I'm pretty sure I'll like this one better than the one I tried before. :)

  6. Wow! Your peaches and cream pie looks heavenly. I've been getting locally grown peaches at the produce farm stand for the past few weeks. I am planning on getting enough peaches to make this pie. Peaches, cream, butter, pie, Oh my! I will be your newest Follower.

    1. Susie, welcome aboard.

      I hope you got to try the pie.

  7. I have been so hungry for a peach pie lately. And the picture of yours about put me over the edge! It's really hard to get good peaches way up here in northern Minnesota. You would think with modern transportation methods that wouldn't be a stumbling block but it still is. Maybe I'll just have to lick my computer screen . . . sigh.

    1. I am thinking a bag of frozen peaches from the store would work as well here. Have you ever tried those? Maybe they would be better?

      I guess peaches are a southern fruit; I never think about that but my Sis in Iowa usually gets her peaches from Missouri.