Monday, April 25, 2011

Catchup- Easter Weekend

We awoke to a rainy and cool morning and it looks to be that all day long!

I have been absent for a few days. We went to St.Louis, actually the O'Fallon area, to visit our son and his family for the Easter weekend. It was a rainy and stormy weekend. We were just 25 miles from Lambert Airport and when the storm is moving at 60 plus mph, that isn't far. We spent the evening in the basement. The devastation in nearby communities was horrible. I feel so sorry for those folks. We were all spared, but it was a close call.

We missed seeing our grandson play baseball because of the weather, but will try again in May. He plays tournaments every weekend.

It was wonderful to visit with them. Our son took his Dad and two of his children to a Cardinal game and they had wonderful seats under roof so when a brief rain came up they were fine. My DIL and I stayed home. She wanted some help with perennials in her front and east beds. I introduced her to Bluestone and talked her into waiting for me to dig up some of mine for her. She did put in a pretty heft order for shady and semi-shady plants. I sure hope they do well for her.

We came home to just one inch in the gauge, but it rained overnight another l inch and is raining lightly now. I need some sunshine!!
We got in late in the afternoon and so I didn't take an extended tour of the yard, but did notice a few iris had opened and the white hesperis. Also I can see the white clematis, Henryi, in the cellar bed is in bloom.

I collected 15 very dirty eggs. The chickens seemed quite content in their new run and all was well. The cows were happy and content; all this rain is a very good thing for pastures.

Random Flower Picture

The oriental poppies are beginning to bloom.


  1. I read about the St. Louis airport being shut down by the storms and wondered if the storms were in your area. Glad you had a nice visit with your son and his family. We're still getting rain every day. This morning it rained so hard the gutters couldn't handle it and the water was coming over the tops. I've about given up on getting anything planted.

  2. I WANT SUNSHINE TOO!! I'm glad you got a 'good' rain and not storms and damage over the weekend. It rained all day here yesterday, but only .4" in the gauge. This morning the bulk of the rain was south of us. Now it is north. Canton is a very tricky target for some reason. Over the years I've seen whole weather systems split around us and join up to the east, then go hammer Pittsburgh. *sigh* This everpresent gloom is really getting to me. I'm cranky. *gripe gripe gripe* I'm starting to mildew!

  3. I want some sunshine too! we worked in our garden and planting lots of things,we stayed busy. Sounds like you had fun in mo. Glad you missed the worst of the storm. Blessings jane

  4. I'm so glad to hear the tornadoes missed you all! Poor St. Louis just keeps getting hit this year, it seems.

  5. Such crazy weather this year. Glad you and yours were spared.

  6. Glad you all were safe-really crazy weather. We have had 8" of rain since Thursday and it has been raining most of today. Glad we live on a hill!!

    Pretty poppies~

  7. I'm in central MO near Columbia and we didn't get the really heavy storms or rain in our town, thankfully. Glad you and your family missed the worst of it while in the STL area. I'm ready for some nice days to get more outside work done. I just hope it doesn't turn off too hot and humid like it can here in Missouri. Have a good week.

  8. Hi Glenda,
    It's been raining here a lot, too, and temps are below normal. I'm glad you had a nice time in St. Louis, even though the weather wasn't great. There have been some pretty bad storms in places. I hope your dil's flowers do well.

    I like your header photo. Things have greened up nicely there.

  9. I'm glad you and yours are safe. It's been wild weather lately, for sure.

    I love your banner photo too. I've always loved your little house. :)

    Beautiful Poppies!