Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finished Outside Projects

I have been missing in action for a few days; in and out with yard work and the men doing the work on the barn, minor roofing redo and new chicken run.

The weather has been very cool here, but no rain. They are still saying heavy rains all the rest of the week, up to 5 inches. We will see.

I will start with the Barn Project. We had all the front doors rebuilt including framing and one (not shown) on the west side. We are very happy with the results. It is all treated lumber and will be let age gray.

This is the front with all the doors closed. The Dutch doors can be opened individually but are designed to be opened as one unit. There are latches to hold the top half of the dutch door open.

That's my mulch hay DH has thrown down out of the loft door. I break it off in flakes and use it a little like paving stones. It lasts a long time like this. I plan to mulch each side of the two rows of strawberries soon.

The chicken run is what excites DH the most....he won't have to lock up the chickens anymore! There are always a couple he has to chase around the plum tree to get then inside if it isn't dark out. The weight of the world has been lifted from his shoulders!

It is pretty spiffy and so much better than what we would have come up with. Most of the lumber was saved from the old pole barn that the tornado took out. We did buy new chicken netting for it. The top is also covered. The chickens can go in and out without us having to open a door to let them out You can see where they cut a door in the wire end of the chicken house for them. It is all tall enough we can walk into the run if need be...or to toss scraps to them.

The inside door to the run is just inside this front door to the left.

The helper is coming back tomorrow to do some finish up touches (like a brace under the center bracing/roost) and a few other things.

They also fixed a bent barn door track on the old chicken house so we can now slide that door open again. He will grease that tomorrow.

I am always happy to get things done and done properly (meaning by someone else!) but also very happy when they are finished and gone!


  1. That's a grand chicken run. Stones (a local hardware) is giving away free chickens this week. DH would have a fit about having to build a Taj Mahal coop for 3 free chickens that actually cost the price of 25 lbs. of feed.

    The trick to growing California Poppies is to make them think they're still in California. Playing old Jan and Dean tapes, and the Beach Boys, is a start.

  2. I'm so happy for you. It always feels good to get projects finished. These both look great!

  3. Looks wonderful!

  4. What a nice, safe run for the chickens! The chickens are enclosed, the barn doors close (and open!). DH is happy. You must be dancing a jig to have gotten so much done! Enjoy - hope you get some good rain. Me - I'm sick and tired of it. A (blessed) clear day today, followed by at least 5 days of rain. *sob* or should I say *soggy* Yuk!

  5. The barn doors look great and now you'll be able to close them agains the cold winds next winter. The chicken run looks really nice. Good not to have to chase them around and they're safe from predators.

    Hope you don't get as much rain as they're predicting.

  6. Beautiful run! We still need to build our run so the poor chickens can have some more space. Eagles pick off poultry quick around here unless they have a covered run.

  7. Very spiffed up barn-like the doors and what a great chicken run-good for both the chickies and your DH. I can see why you are glad to have the projects finished.

  8. Glenda, I couldn't agree more! It's wonderful to get things done the right way so you know they'll last! The doors look wonderful and the chickens must love their new space. I know I would...if I were a chicken...:)JP

  9. That's really a cool looking barn. It does feel good to get projects done, and done well. I love that chicken run, and it looks like the chickens do, too! Can you move it around to different spots?