Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Day Two of Outside Work!

I am a happy gardener today.  I have mowed the entire yard in a one day period (a 3 hour job) and today the real test:  Using  my ll.5 lb. string trimmer.  Happy to report I used it for about l.5 hrs and got a lot  done.  Still a lot to go but I believe I can do it.

Two weeks ago I was about to give up. 

These are some pics of the areas I trimmed this morning.

 This is an heirloom rose that a gardener on one of the Garden Web sites told me several years ago that must have a highly acid soil to do well.  I have fed it religiously for a long time and look at that nice green color this spring!  Very pleased  with it.

First Clematis to bloom each year on the garden fence.

 Long shot of the area with the first blooming clematis and the later blooming Harlow Care.  That is a very pale lemon yellow
 clump of
Asiatic lilies near the mower.

 This is ugly but at least now trimmed in front of the compost pile, hoping the poppy coming on will help hide it.

 Freshly trimmed hosta Guacamole.