Friday, September 15, 2017

Surgery Over!

and are we glad, especially my dear husband. It  was much more than either of us anticipated.  He swears they did not completely knock him out and the pain on a scale of 1-10 was a 12!  His jaw and  throat are  a deep reddish purple today.  The pain is controllable and he is still using ice packs which is helping.  He is a mad patient!  Be interesting to see if he says anything  on our return  visit.  I may 'inquire' about it.

I did chores yesterday but he took over this morning.....chores are not  labor intensive these days.

I fed Jewel and her calf and here they are.  The first was yesterday and  the other was when her baby was just a few days old.  Time flies.

Born 3/17/2017

I finally had a normal (for  me day) yesterday after chores and did what  I love to do most:  baked bread.
This  time I went back to my Oat Bran, whole wheat and honey bread (recipe from Hodgson Mills).
It makes a lovely, soft bread and I think the addition of oatmeal or oatbran gives a special tasty flavor.

Made two loaves  and  one for buns.

Poor Max still can't chew.  I made him vanilla ice cream and chocolate pudding.

 The Aloha rose enjoyed the cool weather (like all  roses do) and one  branch is almost 7-feet tall.  At last the blasted Japanese Beetles have disappeared for now.......
Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes for Max.  Bless you all.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Catch Up Time Again

It has been a busy time  for us here on the farm.

Most of it is just normal, daily routine things.

New eggplants from the garden encouraged me to try a new dish.  Very simple:  diced onions, eggplant sauteed very soft then add (fresh, if possible) tomatoes at the last and cook down until very thick.  I added a mix of pastas to the pan.  Serve with grated Parmesan cheese....I loved  it.  I also just sauteed some in avocado oil and liked that very much too.  I don't have to salt these types of eggplant because they have no bitterness.
The yellow tomato I think is Kellogg's Breakfast or they sent the wrong seeds.  It is very sweet and tasty.
The green is chopped fresh  basil from the  garden.

The beans are still producing and we picked and processed another half  bushel.  I am done!

We bought a bushel of apples for sauce.  Max refuses to eat that from the store!  We picked half each of  Golden  Delicious and Grimes Golden.  I have just worked up half and will chop and freeze the rest for a later date.

Today is Max's oral surgery.  We are a little nervous but  it is unavoidable.  Keep good thoughts for us.