Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 28 through June 4, 2014

 This is just a brief daily journal I keep:  May clean it up a bit....or not.

May 28 2014

Up at 3:30 AM

Surveyed my kingdom took pictures

Called to schedule bids on guttering (Lowes) finish painting job (Liberty Paint Co.)

Made bread: dough way too soft but afraid to keep adding flour. Made 2 loaves and one small one into sweet rolls.

May 29

Mowed. Got Echo going; trimmed around drive got wagon wheels back in place. Trimmed around the house.

May 31, 2014

Lowes bid almost $700 for the guttering project. Still haven't heard back from Jim at Liberty Painting.

June l.

Courtney and I went to Lowes. Got red paint and white and oil primer for smokehouse.

Monday June 2, 2014

Started Echo did a dab of trimming. Weeded HB bed by hand, edged with trimmer.

Sprayed a mix of Sevin and Dormant Oil all season on fruit trees. There are some peaches and plums. Already see damage on fruit. The daily rains kept me from doing a l0-day interval. This is the  first since the dormant oil. I guess I should just spray regularly regardless of small rains. Maybe if it just dries first it would do some good.

Need Doing: Plant more pole beans, cucumbers

Rest of Mowing and plant rest of bucket ghetto.

Courtney mowed the rest of the yard using the Cub. Did a great job.

Rain came during evening and morning....there goes the fruit tree spray.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A very hot and humid day, 90°.

Courtney painted most of front of smokehouse (they gave us latex with primer so we just used it instead of oil base primer.

Pete the Painter called. Sending out men Friday, Sat and Sunday to paint and do yard work weather permitting.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Very humid, overcast and 73°. After breakfast we went to Willard park and did a l0-minute walk. I am so out of shape in all ways that I will have to build up my time slowly.

Came back planted hoop with Romano Pole and some Fortex seed I found. Did north side of short hoop with French Filet bean like the south side. Did a hill of Diva behind the clematis Harlow Carr by garden gate.
Need to hoe out corn and mulch tomatoes. Need a short row of okra somewhere.

Stopped at 8:40. Very fine mist going.

Meat loaf done  for dinner.

Whew!  Caught up for a while.

Random Pictures:

This is my sole remaining heirloom rose:

Poppies (papaver somniferum) by gas tank.  Mostly shades of doubles yet but lots more to go.
I spotted a very red one this morning.


These are by the pole light,

From June 2014

Mock orange is in full bloom.  alas, none are fragrant:

My unlovely west yard (I hope you can't see that it is mostly mowed weeds.  At least there are no plants or beds calling to me to spray, clip, or mulch!

Note to Milk Maid:  Jersey seemed to be in  heat 6/1/14!  Big heat that I have seen up to now except a few very early ones.