Sunday, October 25, 2009

Journal begins

I have been encouraged to start a blog...........may be a serious mistake. I am finding my way slowly through the maze and may need help along the way.

One reason I am considering it is I have found very few blogs about gardening in my immediate area. I did find one I liked very much that was just about gardening and what to do when, but it was in a more southern region of the Ozarks down in Arkansas and a zone warmer.

I have been keeping a daily journal, a very rustic one, for several years now where I list daily trivia of what I am doing and what is happening on the farm. It has been very helpful to me to find out when I planted certain seeds, when I put them in the garden, list new plants and locations, whether I milked Willow or not (more on her later).
canning and preserving things and how various things produced.

I also love sharing my gardens with others who share the same interests.

I hope this will be helpful to other Ozarks, zone 6, gardeners.

This morning began at 3 AM. I love getting up early but that was stretching it a bit! It was warmer out than yesterday, 51°.

I decided to milk my cow today because rain is predicted for the next three days. The days I don't milk I just let her calf and her adopted calf take the milk. They are thrilled with this arrangement.

It is raining outside lightly right now.

Today's picture will have to be one of harvest. The flowers are almost gone.

This was a new one for me and impressed me greatly. It is Long Island Cheese Squash, a moschata variety. It was very prolific and had the added plus of being very resistant to squash borers and squash bugs. That is good enough reason to grow it! It is extremely sweet and has dense flesh and makes outstanding pies. It just makes too much!

The taller version is the old-fashioned butternut squash.

I will be looking for new ways to serve squash this winter. Wonder if the cows will eat them?

Squashes on shelf in Milk Parlor


  1. Good for you, Glenda! Glad to see you in blogland!

  2. Cool beans, Glenda! I click on your name from comments you leave on NellJean's blog from time to time, and the screen it take me to says something about your account being private or something. I was tickled when I saw your comment on my blog, and today, when I clicked on your name, was able to get to a blog. I wasn't sure if it was you, from the cottage garden forum I have neglected since blogging, but when I saw your header photo, I was thinking it was you. I remember loving your tall yellow blooms I'm trying to remember the name of. Are they swamp sunflowers, or a rudbeckia of some kind?

    Welcome to the fun world of blogging, which can take up as much of your time as you let it.

    Merry Christmas! Our plans got changed due to the snow, too.

  3. I'm lvtgrdn, by the way, when I make it to the forums.