Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is sprung ..... almost

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.......here it is 28° and we are expecting some kind of freezingprecipitation by the end of the week. There is a heavy coating of frost.  I say Spring? What Spring?  At least we are getting moisture.

I finally made it outside just before this last rain (another 1.25 inches!) and tilled  a small strip in the back garden.  It is covered with some short wild grass that is like sod.  I had a tough  time tilling it up and will have to re-till it several more times to get rid of it.  It will be some nice added humus when it breaks down.  This is the strip where I will plant all those onions.

The crew came and finished the sliding doors on the east sheds.
They did another super job.  These are the same men who will be redoing my bathroom in about a week.  (I hope).

I think I have settled on the bathroom tile and design.  I am going with white subway tile on the shower, with dark grey tiny tiles on the floor of the shower; wood floor (laminate) on the bathroom floor and bead board on the walls (all painted white).  All new either chrome or brushed chrome fixtures.  The bead board walls was an addition to the project. I decided to go whole hog and be done and have it how I want it.  It will be sort of a vintage style bathroom (in a vintage style farmhouse).  Wish me luck.  This is first time I have had these guys do any inside work.

The yard is greening up and I will need to mow here and there before the month is out.  I see henbit everywhere but no bees on the blooms yet.  It is still too cold here for flying creatures.  I began some cleanup before the rain and got the small corner back porch bed weed free and even dug up a clump of white iris and divided them.  They were buried behind a a small leptodermis shrub.  It  has a lilac bloom.
I think I have a daylily or two in there that need to be brought forward but I will  wait until they are up more to do that.

This is frosted henbit in the humming bird bed.

I chopped a few weeds around the cistern planter and patio area.  I suspect the rose in the planter is history. I transferred RRD (rose rosette disease) last year when I failed to disinfect pruners between bushes.  I knew better!  Roses may be slowly eliminated from the yard because of RRD.  I do love them though.
I see many of the self seeded cilantro plants made it through winter.

This one seeded in the cistern planter beneath the rose.

I took a few more picture of the signs of spring here.  I will post more later in the week.


  1. Only 28F here right now too, with all-day on/off non-accumulating snow flurries. Brrr.

    Your bathroom re-do sounds very handsome, and straightforward. With those neutral colors you can change out the 'feel' anytime with different colored linens and accessories. Looking forward to the final reveal. Hope your guys are as good inside as out.

    1. P.S. Really liking the new blog format - so bright and springlike. :-D

    2. The new blog look was an accident; I just wanted to change the picture to a spring one! I will keep it a while.

  2. Replies
    1. I meant to post the picture showing her laying on the cistern edge but forgot! Yep I saw her feet.

  3. I think the bathroom sounds great! I really like white...and I love tile and bead board too...like Kris said, you will be able to accessorize with any color you'd like!

    1. I sure hope it comes together like I want. The room is all white now so it won't be a shock. There is no outside window so it needs all the light possible. We tried some darker tile and it was almost black looking.

  4. Dear Glenda ~ I do hope you get some warmer temps soon. Your barn looks great and your ideas for your bathroom revamp sound wonderful to me.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady