Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blogs Are My Medicine

Reading Blogs is a  delight on these cold, dreary days!  Thank you all for helping me.

Another gloomy Sunday with temperatures near freezing but down in the low teens tonight.  I call anything under 20° dog nights.  We bring Sugar on to the back porch when it dips that low.

I milked this morning.  Willow didn't give quite as much as usual but no wonder.  The Jersey now follows her up the ramp eagerly like she is afraid to be left alone.  I check her udder and if it seems empty I just let her eat.  I don't need the milk and I figure her calf does!  We have to let them leave at the same time too or the Jersey gets very nervous!

Our neighbor called early this morning after driving his wife to work to tell us not to get out if we didn't have to.  The roads were covered in black ice and were very treacherous.  I was happy we did our shopping locally yesterday.

The bird feeder is serving double duty these days.  I dump  the leftover seeds after filling the kitchen window feeder.

Gail and Ilene, I have added you to me list so I will get notified when you post.  Gail let me know if you can if the email thing is working for you now.

Lunch today was leftovers but I did make a very simple apple tart with some apples that were getting way past prime.  I layered some apple butter on the crust and then a layer of apple slices tossed with sugar and flour, rolled up the crust edges and baked.  It may not have been prime but we enjoyed it. I do love having the frozen crusts ready to go.  They get soft very quickly laying on my cast aluminum  pan.


  1. Good evening dear Glenda ~ Your weather does sound dreary and COLD. Glad my blog is one that helps you get through winter. Thank you for your comment about my blog header. Your the first one to say anything. It's meaningful to me.

    Your apple tart sounds delicious and I bet it smelled good baking.

    Hope it starts to warm up a bit for you with each new day.

    Have a great week ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Glenda,

    I hate not getting out and enjoying things outside. Being cooped up just drives me crazy. My sanity, reading blogs :-)

    With all that mighty fine backing you do, I bet that apple tart turned out delicious.

    I can't get over how vibrant red your cardinals are. The cardinals here are not healthy and vibrant looking.

  3. Well I am glad to play a part in keeping you company during these yukky winter days. I admit to sitting at my computer probably too much these days. We are feeding the birds on a regular basis, too, by scattering the seed out on the herb bed. From the looks of things, this bed is going to be well fertilized by spring, and I will probably be digging up and transplanting volunteer sunflowers out of this bed by April. We don't scatter seed unless there's snow on the ground, which usually isn't very often. But this year has been a different story. Hurry Spring!! Hugs, Ilene

  4. Glenda, I enjoy reading the blogs I follow and their is a great feeling,...:)JP

  5. Now I know where my cardinals go in winter....!

  6. I had a long message. The comment timed out so I will try to be briefer.

    Your pictures are beautiful do be careful. We had more snow than Mountain Home north of us.

    Still have no reply comment blogger. There is a place in blog settings to add your email and I can reply to that.

    I know these states, many relatives from these states. My great great grandmother was the only survivor of a Cherokee massacre and my family raised her as their own because one in town wanted her. They found her while traveling by wagon train to Arkansas.

    Pugh, Pruett, Ledford, Greenstreet...all my family names.

    I am proud of what I was taught but always eager to learn more from all cultures.

    Happy Valentine's Day y'all!