Friday, October 17, 2014

September 29 to October 17

I am far behind yet  again.  I haven't  even been doing a private journal.  I  need to get back in my routine of doing it the first thing when I get up.....with my first cup of coffee.

Nothing of real significance to report.

My arthritic knee has not been kind.  I think our cold, rainy  weather could be a contributing factor. I have an email in to the rheumatologist asking how much off-label nsaids and what combination I can take.  The pain is tolerable but it sure  cuts into my doing much extra work.

Enough about that.......

The rains have been wonderful, coming down slow and steady.  I think we are up to about 4.5 inches in the past week.  It still hasn't been enough for fill ponds to overflowing but it sure is making the Fescue grow.

We have put together another of those wood shelves that I like.  I now have them side by side on the porch and have moved all my home canned goods out there.  My next project is to make three more gingham curtains to cover the fronts of them.

I almost have the back porch organized.  I still want to empty a file cabinet and burn all contents and get it off the porch.  I have things from 30 years ago and certainly aren't necessary to keep.  I am a pack rat.

Max is doing all the outside chores now, even milking the cow.  I just go out on days I want to save milk for our  use.  He gets along better with Willow than I do.

Another little (well not  so little if you consider the cost!) irritation. I have new  glasses  and have tried to convince myself for about a month  now that they are working well.......they are not!  I have the graduated bifocal kind which is all I have ever had.  I simply  cannot  find  a  good spot for  clear reading.  I have been getting by with the Kindle but  now have a library book and I can't adjust  the size of the print....I  am calling today! 

Today is bread day.  I always look forward to that.  I have a new  routine and a new recipe.  I am making a 2-loaf recipe of white buttermilk bread for DH and a three-loaf recipe of a whole  grain bread for me.  He will eat both but prefers the white.

Here is  what is popping up all over the yard due to our lovely rains,

and maybe a new dog,


  1. Maybe... a new dog? He looks like a for sure dog to me.

    Keep your arthritic knee warm.

    1. Jean I didn't realize how that sounded! More on her in the next blog.

      I have been using the heating pad often during the day. Thank you for the advice.

  2. Oh look, mushrooms, stinkhorns and beagle mix dog. Poor thing looks a bit under the weather... An older dog? Stray?

    Darn about that d^mn knee. I hope you can find relief with a combo of meds. I just can't envision you NOT milking cows! How sad.

    I'll bet you're really happy having all your canned goods on those neat new shelves. Easy to find what you're looking for I'll bet. 4.5" of rain? Ye gods. Too much to think about. Glad it's welcome down there. Take care.....

    1. P.S. I had bifocals & trifocals. Can't stand them. Now I just use regular glasses and buy cheap reading glasses from the discount store. I have them all over the house.

    2. I am still able to go to the barn, but I think DH likes being in charge! So, I let him! I process the milk and wash the bottles; he milks and cleans the milker inline.

      I have no idea of the dog's age. We thought it would help keep Sugar didn't.

      I do love the shelves.

  3. I have had the same trouble with my trifocals. I have resorted to Walmart glasses for reading.

    Things are looking good there.

    1. Gail, I had just about decided to do the same thing. In fact we are heading to Walmart later this morning.

      We haven't had a killing frost yet so things are still very green and few leaves have fallen and not much color yet.

  4. Ok, do YOU know (for certain) what kind of mushrooms those are? I THINK those are a type of "honey mushroom", they grow here on dead (or almost dead) oak and sometimes hickory stumps, even those underground now. I wish I could positively ID them as they are edible (if they are the honey mushroom). They seem to be only one of two stinking mushrooms that thrive here. Just had a friend give us a big bag of coral mushrooms....none of which I've ever found on our place.

  5. Carolyn, I barely recognize morel mushrooms. I have no idea what these are. That last one may be called 'phallus' something or other. I will say no more. Look that one up if you want a good chuckle!

  6. Glenda,

    I see life has been keeping you busy too, :-)

    I do love the wood shelves you talked about a while back in a post. The gingham curtains will look nice on them.

    Don't get the HD lens on your glasses, they will cause all kinds of problems. My husband got them because they were recommended by the place filling his script. His vision is blurry all the time with them. Go with regular glasses if you can.