Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Storm Season is Here

We are in the midst of storm  season.  Yesterday it got up to 80° and today we are under a Severe Storm Warming.  This could mean any type of bad weather, including heavy rains hail and tornadoes........or nothing at all.  I am always nervous when these warning are  issued.....been there; done that!  We still have metal roofing wrapped around some trees due to a tornado that took our our pole barn.

We had a lovely Easter here.  Our daughter and family came home and we had MIL  out for a roast beef dinner.  I know that isn't traditional food for Easter but we just picked up our beef and were anxious to sample it.  We all enjoyed it.
Monday was spent on errands but yesterday I finally got back  outside.

I finished cleaning the old Ash Tree bed.  That was mostly hoeing out  henbit and dead nettle.  This morning  I mowed the whole yard (except for one place where we need to pick up Elm tree limbs first!) I went back  after mowing and  cleaned up the limbs and mowed those spots.  So, for the first time the whole yard is mowed.

I moved the tomato plants outside in a shaded spot and will move them to the hay and shower door cold  frame today.  We are under a severe storm warning and I don't want to loose them at this point.

The  peppers finally came up.  I was beginning to wonder.  The sweet potato I put in water way too late is finally sending out sprouts.  I may get a few plants after all.  I won't set out sweet potatoes until mid May so I have time.

The redbuds are blooming and my Isabella lilac is blooming.  I won't have as many lilacs this year because we cut down the front shrub border and also the ones next to the well house.


 The new Robinson Crabapple is blooming this year. 

Some of the fruit trees are blooming.  I hope to get pictures before they drop the blooms.  Peach, pear, and apple just showing color.  The seedling peaches bloomed first and have already dropped the blooms after a heavy frost.


We have been turning the puppies loose daily for an hour or a day!  They followed DH to the field this morning but came back and then roamed for about two hours.

Here they are coming to me from the top of the cellar....sometimes they come; sometimes they don't.


  1. The Crab tree is beautiful.

    Puppies growing quickly.

    Today was hot and my bones told me a weather change was coming. I hope it's not storms.

    1. Hope the storms missed you. The puppies are getting wider, not taller. I still think Bloodhound or Basset is in the mix.

  2. Glenda,

    Be safe with all these storms coming through. I know it's tornado season here, and were prepared for them but that doesn't mean I get used to having them.

    I need to put out my tomato plants as well. I haven't yet due to the heavy winds with the severe storms. This weekend hubby will build a wind break around my garden box to protect the tomato plants when there put in the ground.

    Your crab apple tree is gorgeous!!!

    1. Sandy, it seems I worry about the storms more each year....does no good except to be aware so we can take cover.

      I brought the tomatoes back inside yesterday evening.

  3. With nicer weather comes storms. Always. Stay safe. Puppies are so cute.

    Red buds here are all leaves now. Birds eat most of the seeds when they hardly formed but there are always seedlings coming up.

    Farmer Danny and his brother are putting Sweet Potatoes in a field behind our house. Tim said, "There is sweet corn and sweet potatoes. If you go hungry, it is your own fault.

  4. Tim is right! Aren't we blessed to be able to grow (or have someone near) grow our food! I still have some sweet corn in the freezer from last sweet potatoes though. I hope to do better this year.

    The red bud in the front yard and the one in the west fence line are seedling I let grow. I have one that seeded itself in the midst of some lilies that remain a nuisance....may have to dig the lilies first.