Saturday, July 11, 2015

At Last; A bright (and very hot) and sunny and dry Saturday Morning! Part 2

Now we have heat alerts looming over the next several days!  Ahhhhh, life in the Ozarks.

First thing I did this morning (still in my jammies and Muck boots) was walk out to the west lot where we have Willow and her new baby.  I was so worried.  Yesterday morning Max came in after checking her and said we had something that got after her and the baby during the night!  He had the camera so we had pictures.  I had the window open on that side of the house, but neither of us heard anything.

We have no idea what the beast was.  We mounted the game camera on the gate and will leave it for a while.  There was nothing on it this morning.

Her wounds are on her should and the calf has a torn patch of skin on the top of his left hip.  Max said the baby was up nursing this morning when he went out.  We will try to get the baby up into the barn but we have so much standing water and the calf doesn't want to cross it.

Yard pictures
The birds planted it and they are eating it.  Good for them; I let them down again this year.

                                                                                  Our driveway river.

I was not finished with this but must have hit the wrong key....I have already corrected two typos and there may be more.

I will now finish what I started:

Yesterday morning I made Goat's Milk soap again using dried goat's milk and increased the recipe to 32 oz.  which filled my mailer lid perfectly.
 I cut it into bars this morning.  We have decided we like using larger bars so I made these for us.  The soap will turn more brown as it ages which is normal.

Photos from resident photographer:

Max is getting very artistic with his photos:  He was looking up at the trees this time.  I like them!

This is the end!


  1. Do you have coyotes or wolves in your area? We have one farm (we're not in farming country!) in our area. It's a dairy farm and he often loses at least one calf every year to the wolves. Sometimes a bear will harass them, too. Although it's hurts to see the wounds on Willow and her baby, at least they're not more serious than they are. Hope you find out what kind of animal attacked them.

    1. No wolves, but we do have lots of coyotes and saw one crossing this same field just a few days ago.

  2. Glad you've gotten some sunshine. Hope things dry up for you.

    So sorry to hear about some critter attacking Willow and her little one. That's awful! Glad they weren't hurt any more than they were.

    I'm hoping for some rain to water everything good.

    Have a nice weekend Glenda ~ Rainey

  3. Hot here, too!

    Looks like a dog. I have seen them run to the head to attack...thus her shoulder wounds. I hope you find out and take care of the problem.

    A wise move bringing them to the barn. Wishing safety and a cool tomorrow to all.

  4. Oh, so glad it wasn't any worse! We have coyotes, too, and I've never seen what something looks like after an attack.

    We're under a heat advisory too. I've been out in it. I can't say it's any worse than those two summers we had before last year, when temps got up to 107 and the wind blew like a blast furnace. I lost a lot of things those two summers.

    1. I go out around 6-630 am and work until 9:30 and then am inside for the day! So far, no more attacks on anything. We are being very careful shutting the chickens up and the cows and calf are closer to the house now.

  5. Oh the poor cows. Didn't you used to have a llama to help patrol the pastures for things like coyote? We sure haven't had to contend with heat up here and the rain is well within normal measures, but the overcast and dreary days are really depressing. It's a joy when the sun comes out. Still, the humidity makes even the 70s feel sweltering. And the mosquitos are just terrible. Do you have a way of dealing with them that early in the a.m.? I used to go out then, but it seems no matter what I touch sends up swarms of them.

    Tell Max the tree pics are very attractive and I'll bet that goat soap is terrific! Do you put powdered oatmeal in them for a good skin clean? Just love the new milk cow header!

    1. We had two llamas; they died. May have to see about getting something else.

      I didn't put ground oatmeal in this soap but do for my Sis and Daughter. I just grind it very fine in my coffee grinder.

  6. We, farmers in the area, have an unspoken law about animals bothering livestock. Usually everyone will make one phone call and then the problem is solved by the owner of the problem or by the livestock's owner.

    I love goat's milk soap. It just makes you feel so clean.

    Life is different on a farm. I doubt I would make it long in a city setting.

    I do worry toooo much about what other people think. Mom used to say, When they're talking about you they're letting someone else rest. I have to remind myself the blog is basically, and I think all blogs, are for the owner.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Have a blessed day..