Monday, December 19, 2016

December up to December 19 - Life back to Normal

Things have finally settled  down.  MIL's surgery is over.  She is ensconced in a very luxurious skilled nursing home that is part of the complex where she lives in an assisted living apartment.  She is loving it!  (as I knew she would).  She is optimistic that she will recover fully and we do hope she is right.  Update:  She is dressing herself and using a wheeled walker, doing very, very well.  She is determined to be back to her apartment.  We feel she will.

This is the first time since her fall that Max  and I have felt like we can just relax and live our quiet rural lives.  (bet she calls today with something she wants from her apartment.  I have lost track of how many trips we have made for various little bits and pieces).  Update:  After sorting through her huge closet of clothes, I picked 6 outfits that would work over her wrapping and we delivered them. So trips have let up.

I plan to bake bread.  First time I have felt I dared start that project.  I am also putting on a large pot of
beans. Update:  baked that bread several days ago and am ready to bake again.

We are awaiting our two day extreme cold blast.  Down near zero and high of 17°

Back again 12/19/16.  It seems I can never just sit down and write a post....I may be slowing down!

The cold front  arrived, near zero last two nights.  I think today is our last of the severe cold.  We made it without any water lines freezing.  We live in an old farmhouse and have to keep water dripping when the temperatures drop to l0° or lower.  Max has survived doing chores. Sure glad we bought the truck to feed hay with.  We should have done that years ago.

I did make bread again.  It seems I never make it exactly the same.  This time I used a mix of regular whole wheat, bread flour and oat bran to make a softer loaf than the last bread.  It also rose higher.  

I made something I have made maybe once before, gingerbread.  I don't think it was Max's favorite.  It was pretty dense and heavy.  I don't know if that is  normal or not.  I liked it.

We are back to feeding the birds. The truth is Max is feeding the birds daily.

My pictures are not the best.   I seem to have lost what little skill I had with this camera.

One other little funny story of life on our farm.  The chickens had practically quit laying.  We were just getting l a day and then,

Max went inside the hen house and found these in a top nest  that isn't accessible from the drop-down door outside.  I tested and all were good; we are now getting 3 a day......much better.  Some are molting and the weather and short days are responsible for the drop.

All for now. 


  1. Replies
    1. I hope the quality of the pictures gets better!

  2. Stay warm. I have not liked our early cold.

  3. Glenda,

    I'm so happy to hear your MIL is doing better and in a place she's comfortable with and you're happy with.

    I know where to go when I want some amazing bread.....your place!!!

    Your bird pictures came out really nice. Funny thing, I've placed feed out at the feeders and all we get now are those darn black birds.

  4. Usually we get a lot of the grackles too, but, so far, none this year. I hope it stays that way. We get too many Blue Jays though.

  5. Glad that things have settled down for you and your MIL is getting along well. Happy your back baking - especially with that nice egg surprise to help it along. I've not had gingerbread in a long long time, but I do remember it being very thick and substantial. Here's wishing you, DH and the rest of the family a wonderful holiday. Take Care.

    1. Thanks Kris. I hope you have a wonderful day and a better New Year!

  6. Good, good news regarding your MIL. She's so lucky to have a wonderful DIL like you. (That doesn't always happen, you know. ;o])

    I didn't realize your temps ever went as low as you've had. And with no snow for ground cover that would be a problem for your water lines, etc. if the temps stayed low for a period of time. But I'm sure you and Max know how to deal with all that.

    You're still my bread baking idol. First of the year, I've got to get back on a regular schedule of baking bread.

    We love gingerbread and I make it frequently. My grandmother was a big fan of molasses (she believed it cured what ailed ya!) and made it a lot when I was growing up. We love it dense and moist as yours is.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!


    1. Wonder if your grandmother used those old black strap molasses. I didn't use them but at least used real molasses not a syrup mix.
      Our low temps have will be mid 6o's today! Amazing. I swept off the patio in my shirt sleeves.

      Merry Christmas.

    2. Yes, she did use black strap molasses, and because I grew up with that pungent flavor, I still like and use it!

      Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. So glad to hear MIL is doing so well. Attitude is so important to recovery.

    I don't see a thing wrong with your pics. Still much, much better than the ones I take.

    Try making gingerbread in muffin tins next time, they can easily be sliced open and buttered, or a bit of cream cheese frosting added. I love it either way, but don't make it much because I can't stay out of it.

    We are getting a warm day today, you probably will, too. Merry Christmas, dear, and may 2017 be full of good things. Hugs xoxoxo

  8. Yes, it is balmy outside and we got a little rain yesterday. Great idea on the gingerbread. I will not be doing much baking after the holidays......we need to stop eating the sweets!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with Hubs.

  9. I LOVE it!! Glad you now have time for do the things you enjoy and that the truck has worked out well. Sometimes we need to slow down, Glenda...I think it may be time for me too!!...:)JP

  10. Glenda,

    It's so good to hear your MIL is recovering well, and maybe back in her apartment in no time. Life has been keeping you busy, and enjoying some down time is a good thing.

  11. Hi Glenda, thanks for your encouragement on my eye. I'm going to be 71 in a couple of did that happen so quickly? ha! I guess these things start happening for many of us. I have been reading up on it and it sounds like lutein is something that is good for your eyes which is found in kale and spinach among other things. I think I'll look for it in pill form, too.

    I always enjoy coming here to see what is going on at your farm and to see what you're cooking up! Hope your MIL is still improving and that you and your hubby are back to living a quieter life. It's been a really mild winter here in mid-MO and we are very dry. The rain the other day only gave us about a half inch. Our pond is the lowest I think I remember ever seeing it.

    Have a good weekend,