Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Busy Morning on the Farm

Well, I have gone almost a month without posting.....shame on me.

It is spring in the Ozarks, still not past a danger of frost but settling in much warmer.  We are dry but are hopeful heavy rains will visit us next  week.

I haven't mowed yet and grass in the yard and field is coming along very slowly.  I hope heavy rains will correct that.

I have been busy trying to get ready for gardening season.  I sorted my seeds according to what needs planting under lights now and next month.  I checked and have enough potting soil to fill all containers.  I might actually get that done this weekend.

I have re-tilled  my tiny little garden plot that I now  call the cat's favorite playground and litter box. They  run and bounce on the soft soil and roll around in it.  They are fun to watch.  I may not find that so amusing when I plant seeds.........may have to use temporary covers of some sort.

Next job was getting my dedicated rose bed started.  I have almost sworn off roses because of Japanese Beetles and RRD (rose-rosette disease) but they are so irresistible that when Lowe's had a rack of them out front I couldn't resist!  They know how to market them!  I bought 6, let's see if I can remember them:  Olympiad, Medallion,  Mr. Lincoln, Tropicana, Queen  Elizabeth,  and  Love.  (I actually did it).  I have copper markers by each one knowing that in a week or so I won't remember.

I will to under plant the roses with some perennials. The plan(hope) is having them in one location will make me take better care of them.  I will also have to walk past them going to the garden almost daily which will be a good thing.  Most are chosen for fragrance.

I have lots of daffodils in bloom,
 This was before I pruned the rose, Aloha and below is after:

I pruned most of the clematis the two needing it the most are the Type 3 that should be cut  down to 18inches or so each season.

I have two type 3 planted on the right side of the panels. they were hanging over the chicken yard fence to the right of the barrel.  

The prunings

Just two or three more to do and they are Type 2 which don't require much at all. 

I am done for the day!


  1. Nice to read this post from you and see what is happening in your gardens. Your roses are going to be so wonderful where you've place them. A wonderfully scented bed to stroll past.

    Happy Spring dear Glenda ~ FlowerLady

    1. That is my hope Lorraine. I don't think my last rose planted in the fall survived the winter here. Roses are always iffy here (with me anyway).

  2. Although I'll not be able to enjoy the fragrance of your roses, I do look forward to seeing them in bloom. How lovely they will be!

    So much to do to do get flower beds and garden ready in the spring, isn't there? But so much more enjoyable to do than the "putting everything to bed" that needs to be done in the fall!

    Glad to see your post, Glenda.

    1. Thank you for visiting. We haven't been able to do much more outside because of the rains.....but we need them so I refuse to complain.

  3. Glenda,

    I do understand about not blogging often, life keeps us all busy.
    Rose bushes with beetles,I haven't had this issue. My roses don't grow to much before the deer eat them. Like you, I'm getting seeds sorted and ready.
    Don't work to hard!

    1. If it isn't one thing it's another in gardening! I am hoping the visiting armadillo will get rid of some of the beetle grubs...........

  4. Glenda, I am so jealous that you have already begun, let alone that you have Daffodils with GREEN leaves!! It seems as if been forever since I've seen flowers!!!...:)JP

  5. Your time will come! I just want to see the sun now! been raining and cloudy for days.

  6. Hope all is well at the farm.