Saturday, May 12, 2018

This and That On the Farm

We have been having some abnormally hot,  windy and dry weather here;  does not bode well for the season ahead.

I am not feeling very ambitious this morning but I did manage a walkabout in the yard and took photos.  I will try to keep  them in order of the walk so you can get an idea of the layout of things, if not,  I hope you just enjoy seeing my little domain.

Beginning with the allee  in front of the house: This was created some years ago when an arborist told me the trees along the street were mostly hollow and would be dead  at some point and I should start new ones.  I did and it is a mix of threes and  shrubs with a flower plant or two thrown in.

Have I mentioned  we are having the screened porch enclosed as a sun room?  We are already enjoying it more than the screened version. Another reason is the cats (I raised the mama and her  4 babies out their) completely destroyed the screening.

This shows how it will look eventually.

The work on the sun room is going at the normal, work one day, don't work for two weeks, rate.
This is about midway through allee in front of new office.

We are walking west now at the corner of the front of the house heading around it. To the right is the earth  berm at the foundation  where I have started a hosta bed for ground cover along  with the vinca major vine.  I think most of the hostas survived the  winter.

Okay, enough of that.

I have been working outside part of each  day trying to catch up.  It is going very slowly  but I am making progress.

More about that in another post.

Here is a teaser picture:

How many kittens are there?  It is not that we didn't have enough cats to begin with....I  think 7 last count....before these surprised us!


  1. Enjoyed the tour. Five kitties in the tumble including the one venturing out to explore?

    1. Oh, I hope there are just 4! I need to check again. This will bring the total to ll (I think). She was so wild we couldn't capture her for the vet. Egads. The two Calicos will be female..............and the beat goes one.

  2. Great tour! Okay, I have been trying to figure out what an allee is. Here’s what I found: “The Allee effect is a phenomenon in biology characterized by a correlation between population size or density and the mean individual fitness (often measured as per capita population growth rate) of a population or species.” Somehow I think you’re talking about something else. Maybe a pleasant, vegetatively green alley?

  3. I know you must be enjoying all of the greenery after a long winter. You will enjoy your sunroom. I only counted 5 kitties in that photo. Holy Moly, 7 in the litter. I have 4 adult girls and I do NOT want anymore. :-)

    Happy Mother's Day dear Glenda ~ FlowerLady

    1. Lorraine, we did not want these either....she is a feral cat and cats doing what they do these are the result! Something must be done; they are cute though.