Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Tour

Well, since I blogged last, we have had some lovely rain, 2 inches total and no wind or hail!  Things are growing by leaps and bounds.

General catchup:  I have been weeding the driveway bed that I said I was going to just mow down........when those flowers began blooming amongst the cheet and milk weed, I just couldn't stand it.
I started yesterday the enormous job of pulling and string trimming the weeds.  I am about 70% done.

This is a work in progress:

The iris are finished, the papaver somniferum is just beginning, two different lilies are budded out.  My poor edging of lavender were almost choked out.  This will give me some bare room to plant some annuals....zinnias probably.

We took some calves to market today.  I am excited to see the prices.  DH will go in later to pick up the check.

Tour of the Foundation Bed East and South

This is the bed in front of the kitchen window.  It has hibiscus moscheutos, Endless Summer hydrangea (lots of buds), a clematis climbing the hibiscus stalks from last year, campanula, daffs from earlier, and others I am missing.

and to the right of this bed is the Hummingbird Bed that has very little in bloom now.

Then moving to the left or south is the Dining Room Porch Foundation Bed.

This shows the end of the porch bed where nigella damascena almost took over as a ground cover.  There is a two year old clematis Jackmani Superba getting ready to bloom on the porch corner.

This is the nigella that is beginning to open and some tight buds of gaillardia.

and on to the front of the dining room foundation,

Later there will be poppies and feverfew and daylilies and who knows what else will pop up.

and the rest of the bed,

A viburnum and a spirea, there are a few seedling grasses and, of course, the vinca minor escaped its bounds again.

This takes us to the Living Room foundation, not much to see here so I will skip it now.

I heard the loudest birdsong while touring and chased it all the way to the back garden to get a photo.
I was amazed it was a tiny House Wren.


  1. Beautiful pictures, thank you for taking us on a tour of your property.

  2. I just love your flower beds...that's the style that I like. Lots of work, but oh so worth it! Thanks for the tour.

  3. What gorgeous flower beds you have. (Requiring a whole lot of work, too, I know to keep them looking so good.) Love that big barn of yours. Thanks for the tour.

  4. Your gardens are so beautiful, Glenda! You have such a pretty place there. I bet it's nice to sit on that porch swing after a days work and just gaze at all the beauty.

  5. You have a little Eden there, so pretty Glenda but that means a LOT of work and weeding! I have poison ivy on my hand from weeding at the farm last week. So itchy, it's driving me crazy at night. Enjoyed the tour and if I was there I'd help you do a little weeding at long as it was free of poison ivy!

  6. Oh my. Your gardens look FABULOUS this year. All that rain is really making a big difference as opposed to last year. But, lordy, the scope of WORK you must do with all those beds fair staggers the mind. My hat's off to you, Glenda, for keeping up with all that. *woof*