Sunday, May 6, 2012

Four days have slipped by me.....without posting.  I do jot a brief  entry in my written journal to try to keep track.

The most important news is the vet came Thursday and de-horned Willow's two heifers.  He also preg checked Willow and she is due for mid-August.  I thought I wrote on the calendar when we thought she was bred but I am not finding it.  I will take the vet's word and will dry her up  around July 15.

We sold some calves and were very pleased with the prices.

Mostly we have been just keeping up....mowing, some weeding, tilling and other mundane gardening chores.

We are both looking forward to next weeks promise of cooler weather.  Surely I can get the rest of the garden in.  DH will be setting cattle panels in the new orchard garden for the tomatoes.

We had the first humming birds yesterday evening so I put out a feeder this morning and already have seen two different birds.  They are late this year and I have seen no Baltimore Orioles yet.

In my daily tour of the yard this morning, I found more self-seeded foxgloves.   I hope I can keep these going for a long time.  I love the tall spiky look in the flower bed.

and more at the end of the porch,

I think the clematis are  more lush than last year.

This is the one behind the Buff Beauty Rose that I showed last week.
It is in full glory now,

This is a closeup of the nigella bloom.  I have a huge spread of these by the porch, all self-seeded.

Garden Pests:

I thought I had escaped potato beetles this year....not so.  Several plants were stripped so out came the Sevin.

Also the dreaded baby slugs have devastated the hostas and this was after putting out egg shells and  grapefruit halves.  I have now spread wood ashes around them.....I should have spread a light coating of sharp sand over the entire bed before they broke ground.  They are only 1/4 to 1/2 inch long and it is easy to miss them. 

Garden Disease:

Several of the annual poppies are curling over and dying....looks just like fire blight that I am having on some of the fruit trees.  My feeling is I should just cut down those trees affected and make my gardening life easier!


  1. I think that's the fullest, most beautiful clematis I've ever seen!

  2. One little storm after the other keeps coming through, tho thankfully nothing severe. We did have a bit of hail this afternoon that didn't last long. All the rains we've been having means the garden is still wet so I don't know when we'll ever get anything else planted. At least the temps are supposed to be cooler tomorrow. That will be nice after the last few hot and humid days.

    Your foxglove and clematis are very pretty and the clematis is so full of blooms! I'm not familiar with the nigella, it's pretty, too.

    Hope you have a good week!

  3. On December 3rd you'd posted that it looked like Willow had been bred, so the vet's guess on a date is pretty right on. Glenda, you don't have a gadget on your blog where your LABELS show up. If you would add one, it would let us find some of your historical topics to zoom in on.

    Your foxgloves are nice and tall. Mine (and the clematis) are just budding up now. I hope they reseed themselves as my WS efforts on that front this year didn't take at all. Not one seed sprouted - and I used a new pack. :-(

    1. Great idea Kris. and thank you for the date! I will check out the gadget thing.

      This is a first year that foxgloves have reseeded for me and I am really happy about that. I two different patches about 5 feet apart now.

  4. So sorry the grapefruit half didn't save the damage to your hostas. We have a turtle that lives under the ones in our front bed and I bet he's eating some of the bugs that would bother them. I'm wondering Glenda if diatomaceous earth would cut the slugs like it does ants. I used it sprinkled around the oak trees and in the window sills and the big black tree ants are gone.I bought it at a garden center over here. I need to get my hummingbird feeder out too, haven't seen any as yet but it's plenty warm enough. Looks like we had more rain last night. Our little area we seeded a couple weeks ago is green with new grass! Lucky us the rains came when they did, have saved on watering! I'm healing from a bout with poison ivy... took a steroid shot this weekend to get it under control. Jerry has now de-ivied the flowerbeds for me!

    1. I think anything with sharp edges would work. I just should do it before they break ground so I can get a good layer on.

      We got another 1/2 inch overnight.

    2. I read on another blog (forgot which one) she used coffee grounds. Then she stayed up at night and saw that as soon as the snails/slugs got some grounds on them, they did a 180 and left. Places like Starbucks actually give away their grounds...