Monday, August 13, 2012

New Garden Cart - More Peppers and Tomatoes

This has been a lovely overcast and cool day.....out of the blue.  Even the weather forecasters were surprised.....still no additional rain.

I went out around 7:30 and hooked up the new garden cart!  DH finally made a special run to Wal Mart to get it.  We have been twice now and forgotten it.  The other currently is filled with  garden waste (corn nubbins) I am feeding slowly to the chickens.

I filled the cart twice with clippings from the honeysuckle on the porch steps and from the bed around the foundation.  I have also started cleaning the hummingbird bed outside the kitchen.

The ground is very dry again.  I have misplaced two sprinkler heads....the only one remaining available is in the chicken pen.  I guess I will have go  get it to begin watering.

I trim mowed around the front yard again.  My front yard is so narrow, I realized it wouldn't take much to keep it all nice and green.  As it is, over half is watered when I use the sprinkler on the shrub border.

I harvested more tomatoes from the orchard row and more peppers from the backyard garden.

I have noticed the red cheese peppers are not shaped like the ridges.  That is a few in the front of the tub.  They look like small tomatoes.  I don't know if that is normal or not.

The morning glories have sprouted rampantly around the sweet potatoes so I will mow that tomorrow and then till again.

I came in around 10 AM and put on a pot of white beans with a package of ham pieces I had in the freezer.  We will have cornbread and beans for lunch.


  1. What a nice new cart and I know you'll get lots of use out of it.

    Your produce looks wonderful, all of it. I guess you'll be finishing up your garden season soon. It must be nice to take a rest from gardening, it doesn't happen down here unfortunately. :-)

    Enjoy your week Glenda.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. I have often wondered if your fresh fruit and produce is cheaper than ours? It should be.

  2. Nice garden cart! And look at all the tomatoes...nice. I only get 2 or 3 at a time. The green peppers are very small and don't taste the best. We've decided not to water the rest of the garden any more. It's just a waste of time and money. Nothing is growing very well. We have one watermelon to pick and I'm hoping it will be good.
    Have a good week and enjoy the cooler weather!

    1. I had almost given up on watering my late planted pole beans, but I think I see the beginnings of blooms on the Half Runner beans so I will keep on for a while longer.

      I think the cooler weather is a big help.

  3. Don't you wonder what we do with all our time in the winter when we don't have the garden and yard to care for?

    1. I wonder that every year! I surely don't just read all winter.

      Of course, my cow should be fresh so I will be milking again.

  4. Glenda, I've wanted a garden cart for years! You are so lucky and those tomatoes...just look at them...I had a tomato sandwich for breakfast!!...:)JP