Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank you Isaac!

I woke up this morning at 4 AM to the sound of very light rain is now coming down much heavier.  So far, it is a nice steady rain and  no wind.  What a blessing.

I am sorry that our joy is at the expense of those poor people hit by the heart  of  the hurricane both  flooding and tornadoes.  I know our Convoy of Hope people are in the area already.  Their main warehouse is in Springfield, our nearby largest city.

I am so sorry to hear that Oklahoma isn't going to get any of this.  The system went too far east.  For a long time we were afraid it would miss us too.  We are on the west side of the thing.  I know the east side gets  the heaviest rains.

We will treasure every single drop.  Our area well  diggers are so far behind  they will never catch up. It broke my heart to see farmers telling how their ponds were dry and so was their well!

It has been a couple of hard years for farmers in the Midwest.

I called my Iowa sis and BIL at 5:30, knowing she would still be asleep but hoping he would be up.
He calls me regularly very early because he knows our early morning habits.  I woke them up!  That's OK; she called me at 5 yesterday having had a sleepless night.  She even had  a pot of tomatoes on the stove getting ready to can.

I am posting this picture  just because I like the contrast of the bright dry corn and the dark sky.  Garden cleanup is not quite finished.  This rain  will help.  I will be able  to mow and till without being choked by dust.

and here is a picture of the girls,  I haven't shared one lately.  They are still giving us way too many eggs.  DH thinks we need to cut back to just 8.  I know he is right.  The beasties must have heard us talking because one old hen died and a raccoon got another one!


  1. Hopefully you will get the rain in amounts you need to get back to normal. It has been scary dry in many areas this year.

  2. I'm glad you're getting some much needed rain!!

  3. Good morning Glenda ~ So glad you got some much needed rain. We were on the east side of Isaac and the reason why we got so much rain. It's still squishy down here as the water slowly dries up or drains.

    Your girls look good.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowrLady

  4. I am so glad you are getting rain. I just wished it would of be able to get to us, but we have a very dominant high pressure over us and it will not move. We are beyond burned up. We have hit 102* two days in a row, yesterday and the day before.
    Have a wonderful, wet weekend and a nice Holiday.

  5. Oh, good grief. This is attempt #3 to post a reply. The rain keeps interfering with my satellite internet and I lose it. But I am grateful for the rain anyway!

    Wanted to let you know I finally got a post up on honey. It's not much of one because, just as I was preparing to write it, another blogger did a great post on it so I just linked to her. Here's my blog post on it:

    Crossing my fingers this goes through this time!!

  6. I'm sooo glad you're getting RAIN (with no wind, etc.). I'm sure everyone and everything is enjoying it (including the girls). We're keeping our fingers crossed that we might get even a little bit of Isaac, but it's keeping to the west...

  7. We got a little but not nearly enough to make a difference. *Sigh*. But glad for you, for sure! This ordeal makes me want to move, but we have too much invested here. I certainly have an inkling of how the farmers must've felt during the dust bowl of the 1930's. Hubs' family was here, and they stayed and got through it, but I doubt, had I been their age in those days, that I would've.

    The girls look good. We lost Betty Lou to some mysterious illness, and are down to six. So far all the others seem in good health, but just the loss of that one makes the flock seem so much smaller. Like you, we were getting more eggs than we could eat.

  8. Here's hoping Isaac is GOOD to you, Glenda!...:)JP