Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rains are Gone - Visitors - Usurped Porch Swing

The rains are gone now.  We ended up with 2 full, wonderful inches.  Others got more but we are grateful for what we got.  We were worried we would be too far west.

I do dread the hot temperatures predicted this week though.

DH called me out to the porch Saturday morning to see this:

From September 2012 Blog

For some reason the wild barn cats have started coming down to the house...not all of them.  We have more.  I think we may be able to start catching them for a visit to the vet.

While checking them out I noticed across the road another visitor:


This is where the zoom on the camera comes in very handy.

We had dinner with DH's mom in town yesterday so I think today will be spent very quietly at home.

I do have another  couple of quarts of pickles to can.  That volunteer vine is doing well.  BTW, I finally tried Ball's Pickle Crisp.  I was very impressed by the crunchiness of the jar of leftover pickles I stored in the fridge.  I will be using it again today.


  1. Rain! Oh, happy day, happy day! Glad to hear you got as much as you did.

    The pic of the barn cats on the porch swing is somethin' else! I think you should put up one just like it down by the barn so more of the less adventuresome ones can use it. ;o]

    1. Oh yeah! I will put the extra swing right at the top of my list......the cats belong to my husband,lock, stock, and barrel.

  2. Is that a badger out in the field?

    I count 8 cats on the swing. LOL And each one is adorable. Bet they are good mousers. Glad you like the pickle crisp. I made up a batch of zucchini pickles in July and the PC worked well with those as well as the regular cuke pickles. It also kept my pickled peppers crunchy too.

    2" of rain? Lucky you. Isaac has only dribbled on us so far (.3"). We're hoping more of the bands head this way tonight.

    1. I made more pickles yesterday and forgot to put pickle crisp into one jar!Blast.

      I called my Sis and told her about it. She makes lots of pickles for her husband who eats them daily.

  3. I counted 8 cats on the swing too. That is a wonderful photo. You said that's not all of them. How many more are there?

    Glad you got some much needed rain from Isaac.

    Oooooh P U a skunk.

    I'd love to try making refrigerator pickles.

    Have a great week Glenda. You are one of my inspirations.


    1. I have forgotten how many total I will try to count again. This is just the young ones (three litters) and a mature male, probably the daddy of them all.

  4. That picture of 8 kitties made my cute are they! They sure look like one happy famiy don't they? :)

  5. Another Valerie chiming in to say how great the cat photo is. :) And I love the skunk shot too. Autumn will be so welcome this year. I hope your mother-in-law's doing well and that the coming season is good to you all. ♥

  6. Hi,Val!

    Hope things are going well for you too. I remember you from Gardenweb.

    MIL is doing great. We are hoping for a cool and WET fall.

  7. 'Glad she's doing well. And I actually had a dream last night about this post! In it, a bunch of people, including me and my dad, were watching an animal run around a field and everyone started arguing over whether it was a skunk or badger. :) 'Strange the way things filter into dreams.

    Yes about fall. Let's hope so.