Saturday, September 22, 2012

The New Mower, Green Beans and Life Everlasting

This morning was a chill 51° and there was so much dew on that I wore my Muck boots to do my walk around. 

Yesterday was a very busy one.  We knew the overhead door technician was coming 'mid-day' to fix one of the shop/garage doors so that pushed us to get in and check out mowers and be back by noon.

It was one-stop shopping.  We went to a local farm store, Race Brothers, that does its own repairs and is pretty close to us on the north side of town.  We were tired of driving to Bolivar everytime something went wrong on a mower and, trust me, something will go wrong.

Here she is:

It will take some getting used to.  It is higher off the ground and all the controls seem to be slightly harder to access without bending over.  I think it will encourage me to lose some  weight!

It did a very nice job of cutting and I finished the east and west side while Max was (once again) trucking the Gravely to Bolivar.  We will keep both working....and DH will now become my helper in the yard!  He won't mind mowing at all.

Here is the west side all nicely mowed but not trimmed yet.

As you can see we have lost a lot of grass this summer.  I only have two really nice patches of lawn grass in the yard.

I haven't picked the green beans in a few days and think I will have to get on that very soon.

These are the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

I said I wasn't going to do anymore pickles, but I found these this morning and think I will do some more of Kris's refrigerator bread and butter ones.

I found several strange plants in various places in flower beds this year and something told me to let them  grow.  Once I smelled them I knew what it was!  I am delighted and just hope they re-seed.  I will  also try to collect seeds.   Here is and good website about the plant
I was worried about telling you how I knew it, but after reading  all about it, I feel safe in sharing.
When were kids visiting Grandma's farm, Mom found some dried in the fields and she stripped the leaves, crushed them and rolled them in Grandpa's cigarette papers (he smoked Prince Albert in those red cans) and we smoked it.  I love the sweet scent.  I had smelled it before when brushhogging so I knew we had it somewhere.  I think I even stripped some and froze it but I haven't seen it in a long time.

This plant  is about 18 inches tall but has fallen over.  I see several smaller plants out front under the river birch and in the foundation bed.  I hope they all have a chance to set seed.

BTW, the door technician  did come out and repaired the door, another $200.


  1. Well, it's fall and we all have our To Do lists that we want to get done before the weather turns nasty, but it seems like you're getting a real handle on yours. It always feels good to be getting things under control. And as you say, probably a good thing before the next little glitch comes along!

  2. Nice looking mower and your crop of green beans looks yummy. Glad you garage door was fixed too.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Awesome mower, Glenda. I would have a lot of fun buzzing around the ghetto in that!
    It seems that everything is on the $200 range. Car parts, or really anything anymore. Can't win.
    Have a wonderful weekend, we are getting wonderfully cold weather here. Supposed to get down to 32* tonight. I am covering what tomatoes and peppers I have for a few more days

  4. So, which of you gets to use the Cub Cadet? *heh* Looks like a pretty newer model so should give you years of service.

    Can't believe you are still finding cukes! Good luck with the B&Bs. Have you ever pickled green beans? Looks like you've got a ton a'comin'.

    1. P.S. Don't forget the Pickle Crisp this time. ;-D

    2. I would rather use the Gravely; he can use the new one.

      I intend to place the pickle crisp where I can't possible miss it!

      Pickled green beans doesn't appeal to me for some reason.

  5. Well, after writing the same comment three times, I was finally able to log in by going all the way out of my browser and coming back in. Apparently Google doesn't like it when I have too many sites up. Sheesh. But anyway, see the e-mail I sent to you and Kris when I was unable to get logged in.

  6. We got the crepe myrtles all planted, finally. I bought 20 of them when Walmart closed the out for only a $1 each! We've lost so many shrubs the last few summers to heat, drought and deer. I looked around and saw that the crepe myrtles survived everything so we will see how these fare the worst Granny Mountain dishes out! I read about Everlasting, very interesting! My Dad's family used herbs for medicinal purposes.

  7. I see huge tree-size crepe myrtles all over town and think they are just gorgeous. A friend gave me two small cuttings (rooted) several years ago and this is the first summer they have a few scattered blooms. I bet your potted ones bloom much faster.....sure hope they do.