Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I was awakened again this morning to the sound of rain and thunder.  It was 3:35 AM.  I got up to unplug the computer and decided to stay up.  We either got another 1/2  inch of rain or an l-1/8 inch.   I can't be sure I emptied the gauge from the last 1/2 inch rain.  After walking around outside this morning, I decided we indeed got the inch plus.  The ground was very spongy and the weather man said areas north of Springfield got more rain.  I did empty the gauge this time.

More rains are predicted for tomorrow morning. I say keep 'em coming.

Yesterday I processed my nearly half bushel of pole beans.  I got 9 quarts for the freezer.  That is the first time in two years I have had beans to freeze.  I should have lots more too.

I also packed up 3 jars of jam and sent to my son....he wanted  some  of his Momma's homemade.  I quit the beans and found three recently made jars of peach and apricot and they are on the way.  I would have piggybacked them to St. Charles!  Aren't we pushovers?  I do hope they get there safely.  I plan to have a case of jams ready for him when he comes down again.  It's what Mothers do.

I took a couple of pictures on my morning rounds.  See the water standing?  These are calves we are weaning to sell next week.

A few are eating grain but the others haven't started yet.  We like to keep them up until they quit bawling and know what grain is before selling.  If not, they will actually loose weight until they settle down.


  1. I've got a hay question for you, would you mind emailing me please? carolynrenee at centurytel dot net

  2. Our son is Calif asked if I would ship him some jam...spoiled rotton arent they?!?! At least its mama made 8-D We are getting the rain you had here in SO Ind/KY sure is a nice sound after this summers drought

    1. I just wish both of mine lived closer and I would spoil them more.

  3. We have had 3/4" accumulation total for the last couple of days. Tulsa is getting a LOT more. But "some" is better than "none".

    Jam is really heavy. Better get one of those boxes at the PO that costs the same no matter what's in it.

    1. I just used an Amazon box and those air bag thingies. I will know today if it made it safely.

      I thought the weather map looked like your area was getting a soaker. Hang in there. It will hit you sooner or later. We had almost given up.

  4. It's been raining since yesterday morning - slow, steady, almost an inch so far and more on the radar. It's a wonderful sound on the sunroof! It IS putting a crimp on my Fall transplanting, but I'm not gonna complain, nosirree.

    Nice looking bunch of calves. Glad you got some decent beans. I got only a handful this year.

  5. No rain here at all. Cool air, in the 30's in the morning, but we need rain here so desperatly. We "may" get some rain this afternoon, something trying to come into the state from the west. I will believe it when I see it.
    Your calves look very good Glenda. Weaning is a hard time, and people and calves, they ball so bad and you have to listen. Have you ever had calves who just do not get eating grain?
    Have a wonderful rest of the week, lucky you and the beans.