Monday, September 24, 2012

A Do Nothing Day

It was warmer this 3:30 AM and today will be warmer; in fact the entire week will be!  But there is a slight chance of rain most of the days.

I posted a new header picture just to show how nice and green (and requiring mowing) the yard is since the rains.  I think of Ian Tyson's song "Since the Rain".  I love listening to him.

Yesterday was a do nothing day for me.  I needed it.  I had taken an antihistamine the night before and it zapped me.  No more.......

The self-seeded salvia farinaceas have gotten that more intense blue color that they get when the weather turns cool,

The kerria japonica is blooming again, also the salvia Black and Blue next to it.  That is a self-seeded farinacea to the left.

A few clematis are blooming.  I think it is more like spring now with the rains and the cooler temperatures and the plants are confused.


Today is back to normal and it is milking  day, so I am headed  outside.


  1. We're the same way here. A shocking green lawn (considering I don't do a THING to it.) The trees are lush and green. Only the maples have a touch of color.

    I hear ya on the day off. Sometimes the mind is willing but the body is weak. (That's my story anyway...)

  2. That salvia is so that shad of blue. We are having such beautiful weather here, finally. Much cooler temps than we've had, and it's really feeling like fall out there. A few trees are beginning to turn, but the recent rains have kept everything mostly green yet.

  3. Nice shot of the house in the new header pic. Your farenaceas look like a shorter version of my 'blue bedder' salvia (still going strong). Only 38F this a.m. but, thankfully, no frost, just heavy cold dew.

    Only 60s forecasted for this week with spells of rain. Can't believe I'm already complaining that it's not baking hot. LOL Hope you got a good rest from the antihistamines.

  4. We are so enjoying the cooler direr temps here too, Glenda! And a lot of my perennials are have a second bloom much to my surprise!...:)JP

  5. We are greening up a little but it's all weeds! The puncture vine is running rampant. I don't know if I hope for the grass to come back or not, since it's all Bermuda, but I'm sure it will eventually. It's impossible to kill that stuff out.

    Warm already this morning at nearly 7:30. Ish. But at least we're out of the double digits. Chances of rain looking pretty good for tonight.

    I like your new header. Everything looks so good. I just love Missouri in the fall but like you said, it looks more like spring! My little pear tree started blooming again. How weird is that?

    Your farinacea looks like my Russian Sage. I looked up the botanical name to see if they are the same but they're not, russian sage is Perovskia.

  6. Your yard is quite a bit greener than ours...looks good! The salvia is pretty. Mine was spreading every where and I trimmed it back this summer. I think that was the wrong thing to do because it isn't blooming like it once was. I don't remember what variety it is, there are so many.
    I'm loving the temps lately and most of a/c running! Hope we get some more rain this week.