Friday, September 21, 2012

"it is things like this that keep life interesting"

3:00 AM awoke to another gentle rain and lots of lightening.  I got up and unplugged the computer and the router and went back to bed.....couldn't fall back to sleep so got up around 3:45.

We have had another 1/2 inch rain.  The Gods are finally smiling on us and we couldn't be more pleased.

The last three days have been filled with cleaning out the milk parlor and some outside puttering.
We did get the barn emptied and I have called the men about moving the tank out.  They are coming to take a look next week so they will be sure to bring the right tools.

About the time I decide to spend some money on the house, something on the farm rears  its ugly head.  It is a true law of living on the farm.  I had a man give me an estimate on redoing the second bathroom and boom!  We had to order feed ($ll00); we decided the 2004 truck should have all new hoses and new plugs ($400+!, that one was a shocker), had a minor plumbing issue and then the double sliding barn doors on the east shed and the west old chicken house became almost impossible to move.  I think  some grease will take care of the west shed but the east was due to the top of the door  frame rotting completely out so that the barn siding on it wouldn't stay nailed down and then the metal siding  would snag on each other and couldn't be opened. There are two doors that bypass each other.  I decided that it would be lovely to have motorized overhead doors installed.  They came out and gave a bid of $2500! another shocker.  We are going to have someone give us a bid on just rebuilding the doors and rehanging them on the existing track before we make a decision on that.

Now the real topper...I got on the mower yesterday and hit some very tall grass and knew at once that something wasn't right.  Usually when I engage the blade you can hear a difference and feel the mower vibrate......  I backed up and chose a better path and it still cut but began smelling hot......I think one of the wheels in the rear that the belts run on is frozen up.  We have been talking about getting a backup mower for over a year.  So, the time has come.  We will be going in today and looking at a 42inch cut, zero turn mower.  Then we can put the other one in the shop and not be concerned about the grass getting completely out of hand.  We know it will be around $3,000.  Needless to say, some other things will have to wait.  Ain't life fun!  I remember my dear old Dad who used to say it is things like this that keep life interesting.  It drove Mom nuts.  I think he had the right idea.

Things have greened up so much this month.  I have a volunteer quash by the bird bath.  I have no idea how the seed got there.  It is lovely lush green and has 6 squash ready to pick.
 It is a straight neck and I haven't planted them  for over two years now.

Here is the reason we are so glad our rooster is such a sweety:



  1. Omigosh I had no idea that rooster spurs were so - huge. Glad for you he IS a sweetie.

    Oh dear - all those financial challenges. And all at the same time. I know they make life 'interesting', but wouldn't it be nice to have a nice DULL year?

    What a treat, though, to have a bonus of straight neck squash. Save me some seeds. I can only seem to find crookneck up here. I like them way better than zukes.

  2. Good morning Glenda ~ Boy expected and unexpected expenses do have a way of sometimes coming all together. It would be nicer to have them space out a little bit. :-) We had some unexpected expenses recently, which put a crimp in our humble style, but it's great to have those things taken care of.

    How wonderful to have those lovely squash from a volunteer plant. Enjoy.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. To add insult to injury, the OVERHEAD Door people had to fix one of the shop doors......$200! Egads.

  3. As my mother used to say, "it's always something". Seems like there is always a breakdown or something needs replacing about the time you think you're going to be able to relax for awhile.

    Nice look squash from a volunteer plant!

    Enjoy this nice weather and have a wonderful weekend.

    1. She sounds like my Mom. The weather is wonderful isn't it. Thank you, you have one too.

  4. I'm glad your rooster is a sweetie too...with those fangs! Things always fall apart or break at the wrong time, Glenda...the Pres' truck was in the garage AGAIN!...:)JP

    1. I am about ready to draw a line in the sand and say enough already!

      I am always stunned when we get bills back from service people.

  5. And then there's the other saying, "If it's not one thing, it's another." Geesh. I know service people have to earn a living, too, but it sure hurts when you have to pay for parts and then the HUGE labor charge on top of that.

    Don't the best fruits/veggies come from volunteer plants?

    Glad to hear you're getting adequate rainfall. So, so important to not go into the winter season with the soil as dry as dust.

    Those are some spurs your cock-a-doodle-doo is sportin'!

  6. Well I know just what you mean. June tells me her husband always used to say, "I guess The Good Lord didn't want me to have that yet." She hates when I gripe and that will usually shut me up.

    I love volunteers. They're like ittle gifts. Those squash look great!

    Like you, I'm sure glad that rooster's got a sweet disposition. I've heard people say that roosters with short spurs have the worst dispositions. Overcompensating, maybe? Heh.