Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 12, 2013, Wednesday

We trimmed a couple of trees and Max loaded the trailer with limbs. He also cleaned all the debris and old dog house out of Sugar's pen.

I mulched the tomatoes.

We had a very unsatisfactory frozen Microwave Healthy Choice lunch! No more of that for us.

In the afternoon, I made bagels. When they were in the oven for a while, I checked and noticed the oven was just warm.......they were not cooking. I tried the counter top oven but it was too late. The are now soaking in water for the chickens.

I scheduled a service call...can't come until Monday. We can limp along but it is bread making time so we will have to revert to 'store bought'.
Got a new Kindle Paperwhite today; Max wants my old one....he gets a used Kindle for Father's
Day....poor thing.

After charging it fully I managed to get it working.....I am still getting used to the 'touch' thing but have ordered some books from the library and Amazon and all went well. There is a bit of a learning curve with it.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Up at 3:45AM.
It is cooler this morning.

Went out early and finished mulching the rest of the tomato row and hoed out the west onion rows.
Tilled the middle where the hills of squash are and will be ready to mulch it all once I water it well.
I should take pictures; it is the first and probably last time my garden will be this tidy!

Forgot to mention that I tested the oven this morning and, voila!, it seems to be working. I even made hamburger buns and Max's two loaves of white bread this afternoon and it went very well.
The service people called to reschedule me for tomorrow and I told her my story of the oven.....I have canceled the service call and will still keep my fingers crossed and be nervous for some time.

The stove is only 3 years old but I have terrible luck with appliances..........I do have the small counter top oven that we could get by with for a few days.

By 2 PM, bread is done and so am I!

June 14-15

For those who want to know:  My only secret to  bread making is:  King Arthur Flour and SAF yeast!

I watered the garden even though they predicted rain (it came but has just been ¼ inch so far). I vowed to take a picture of the garden while it was almost weed free; so I did.
This is taken from the west end looking east (the other was the reverse).
This little white tags are hills of squash.  If the borers don't get them, I will be overrun for the first time in a few years.  I do have a hill of Butternut for keeping over winter for pies.
This is the east end where I have replanted corn amid  the spotty patch.  


I hope now to cover all with straw mulch.  We are still getting a light shower.  Some places in the area are flooded but not us.

Yesterday morning I finished planting some rudbeckia and vinca so all flats are now empty.  I know it is getting late but I intend to sow some  more annual seeds and hope  for late bloom.

The poppies have been outstanding this year and the seed pods are huge on some.  I got a full tablespoon of seeds from one pod yesterday.

I noticed that the bees are enjoying them too.  There were 4 in this one bloom,

From poppies 2013

Lilies are now blooming:

This clump is the only trumpets I have left.  

Happy Father's Day!  Hope you all have a wonderful day. 


  1. Would you be willing to part with any of those poppy seeds? I think the salmon/ purple-ish ones are beautiful!

    1. I will be happy to share; just remember there is no telling what the seeds will turn out to be. I will collect from that bed and hopefully some will be the shade you like. If you would send me a self addressed envelope that would be good. I have the little plastic baggies but I would open it immediately to let the seeds cure more when you get them.

    2. I can't find your profile to e-mail you a message... I know I've gotten a message from you before--could you e-mail me? Thanks! I'll keep looking for a way to contact you.

  2. Your garden looks rich and bountiful and beautiful! A lot of work, but just think of all the wonderful food you will get from it.

    P.S. Now give me a couple of those hamburger buns and nobody will get hurt.

  3. Beautiful flowers. And I really like your dark, rich soil....looks great!

    1. We have been blessed at each of the 4 places we have lived with wonderful soil.

  4. I think you'll thank yourself later for all your mulching this year. Between that and your better rains, your veg harvest should be way better than last year. Your poppies are gorgeous!

    1. In the Ozarks you can never tell what the weather will do to us. From July on it is usually very dry, hot and humid. Mulch should help with that.

  5. Hi Glenda, I'm glad your oven is working now. We have someone coming Monday to help us get our ice holder off of the freezer door. The appliance is a lemon, and the problem is not really fixable, but we need to be able to get the container off.

    I enjoyed seeing your garden. I'm glad you got your mulching done. I've been finding about half finished compost in my pile that I'm mulching with. I'm not finished yet. Your onions look great! Something is eating mine, either birds or some other critter.