Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Day in my life.......

It was a very cool, cloudy day here yesterday.  I worked outside and got lots of different things done.  First I sprayed herbicide along the concrete building  that edges the west side of the orchard.  It has sort of bays with concrete walls that aren't 'mowable' with the riding mower and I hate that much string trimming.  While out there I also thinned some more on the two peach trees and the Shiro plum. 

I always miss a branch or more and have to catch them when the weight of the fruit makes it drop down to get my attention,
unthinned peaches photo peachesmissedthinning_zps9a4b54dc.jpg

I still have the one Liberty apple......I feel like I should bag it so nothing gets it before I do!  No fruit on the apricot or prune plum. 

I had enough spray to hit most of the fence row around the orchard.  When we get lots of rain, the weeds grow just like the garden plants.....big culprit back here is dock and wild carrot and something that looks like a vining geranium that is so tough you can't cut it with the trimmer.

I don't like using herbicides but sometimes have to.

I am in the process of killing all the brome from the cellar.  I am tired of trying to keep it out of the yard and flower beds.  It self-seeds everywhere.  The cellar will look pretty ugly for a while but so be it.  The other killing job is eliminating the euonymous from the brick chimney and the vinca major from around the foundation on the west side.  I don't know if what I used is strong enough to kill it.  I should know in about a week.  I wonder if crimson clover would work as a ground cover on the cellar??

I came in and fixed leftover beef and noodles with a side of mixed veggies for lunch.  Later in the afternoon I picked about 2 quarts or more of strawberries and we had a dish for supper.  I may make jam with the rest today.


I don't really like to grow clematis this way but I have a couple of viticellas that I let ramble.  This one is climbing over an alba rose.  I love the albas even though they just bloom once in the spring but their fragrance is wonderful.

Alba rosewith viticella clematis photo albarosewithclematisviticella_zps7b716d1b.jpg

The poppies are still opening,

lavender poppies photo poppiessomniferumspinkshades_zpsf6ec958b.jpg

poppy photo poppiesorangeyred_zpsf0db17b0.jpg


  1. Love your poppies, and the alba covered in clematis is wonderful.

    We've had a LOT of rain in the past two weeks, more expected all of this week too. The 'back 40' will have disappeared under vines. SIGH. Hopefully I'll have a dry spell to mow.

    Have a great week Glenda ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Ooooo, I love the poppies too! Maybe one year I'll grow them. They come up every year, right? As much as I appreciated our much needed rain, I cannot say I appreciate the jungle of weeds it has produced.

  3. Beautiful poppies! And your peaches look really good, too.

  4. Clematis growing in and over anything is gorgeous to me. Mine died.

    You still have beautiful poppies; they're over for the season here. Melampodium and Madagascar periwinkles are coming up. There's always something to follow.

    Sometimes you don't have much choice about Round-up. It's one thing to weed a 75x150 lot city. It's another to have acres of weeds to deal with and some are not reachable. He-Who-Mows has learned not to spray round up in places where the soil washes and splashes where there's no cover, however. We're back to clipping grass next to the farm shop.

  5. "Love your poppies, and the alba covered in clematis is wonderful."