Friday, May 31, 2013

We have been having little showers but only 1/4 inch so far.  It is extremely windy with gusts up to 39 mph.
We are under a Tornado Watch for this evening which means one of us will be glued to the weather forecast until  it is lifted.

I milked this morning and she was a little stingy but no wonder.  We had to take time before milking to cut away half my apricot tree that was blocking her ramp.  I am sure that upset her; it doesn't take much!  I fear the tree is on its last legs.

All I have done is a bit of extra house work.  Moved the plant light stand back to the porch.  Changed out my dining room quilt for another.  Tried to clear off the countertops in the kitchen.  I am trying to plan for some open shelving for the back porch which would let me move some things to the shelves.

Friday morning, May 31, 2013

We ended up with 1-3/4 inches total and this morning looks threatening.  Storms are supposed tomove in this afternoon with 'heavy' rains possible.

 I caught a brief period when the sun popped out showing the contrast with the dark skies to our north.


Hay season is going to be tricky........

Finally a lily is blooming.  It is an Asiatic hybrid but the name escapes me.


The self-seeded somniferum poppies are opening daily.  I love seeing what new wonder will appear.

Here is one that was a real surprise,

This is Lauren's Grape.  She is staying true....maybe because she is at the front of the house where there are no other poppies,

This clematis is growing up behind Buff Beauty in the dining room foundation bed.,

I decided yesterday to change out the quilt on the dining room table.  I have several that my MIL was going to pitch!  She is a quirky woman!  I took them all.

and a side view,
new quilt on dr table photo reducedsideviewofquiltontable_zps0d715523.jpg

I saved the best for last.  We had our first dish of strawberries yesterday!  I finally have a short, but very nice row of healthy plants that are hanging full.  I may have rushed these a little but the rains had me worried.  They tasted wonderful.

I sent the helpmeet into town to visit his Mother; I am staying here to bake some l0-grain bread. 


  1. You have some beautiful flowers!

    Praying you stay safe from the storms.

  2. Glenda,

    Wow,I can see the contrast in your picture with the weather building up.

    Love all the pictures of your beautiful flowers. Your strawberries look delish :-) I need to get out and pick some more of our berries.

    Another day of crazy weather, be safe.

  3. Dear Glenda ~ I think of you when I hear about tornadoes in your area. I do hope you will be safe this season, and just get rain.

    Your lilies and poppies are so pretty. Your strawberries look yummy and your 10 grain bread sounds delicious!

    We've had LOTS of rain in the past couple of weeks. More expected throughout the next few days.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Storming here too. Took out a camper in the campground down the road. We're OK, with no trees down, and the meter is still spinning!!! My lily's are just starting to come up.

  5. Stay safe in the storms. We had a smatter of rain this morning. Irrigation ran all night on corn across the road and we shut it down for Farmer Danny as we left for Church.

    Lovely Lilies and Poppies. I think I am going to stop trying to remember their fancy names and just call them pink Lilies and red Poppies according to their color.

    We bought strawberries and cantaloupe this week but we're starting to gather blueberries. Your strawberries look really tasty.