Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardening on the Farm

We are having an unusually warm spell......87° yesterday!  Today is supposed to be cooler.  We do have a nice breeze....which, unfortunately tends to dry out the soil.  You know a gardener is never completely satisfied with the weather; it is just our nature.

I did a pre-breakfast tour of the yard and back yard garden and took a few photos........I do love digital cameras!

We have promise of a decent  fruit crop this far:
 This is the new strawberry row,
From Fruit 2013

I have a two pear trees, one apple and one half peach tree inside the backyard vegetable garden.  The other peach tree died.  I forgot to take pictures of the Albemarle Pippin apple tree this morning.

Seckel Pear (at last)

and the cherry tree that looks to have more fruit than last year,

We just pick what we want that we can reach; sometimes using the step ladder if we are greedy and let the birds have the rest:

and the little plum tree,

I never get more than enough to cook down one batch for plum jam.  I think it would be better if I planted another variety of plum close by.....may do that.

and this is the half peach tree.  I am slowly thinning the peaches to be 6 inches apart.  I love taking a break from using the trimmer or hand-pulling weeds by standing in the shade of the peach tree and thinning a few branches.  The poor tree won't last much longer. This is before thinning this limb; forgot to take an after pic.


I will talk about my ongoing weeding next.  This is enough for today. 


  1. Glenda, your trees are great this year! We don't have any fruit trees here but that's OK...we do have grass and only one perennial didn't make it, so I' m on cloud nine!...:)JP

  2. You did better on wintering the perennials than I did here. I think our drought caught up with us.

  3. Look at all that fruit! I hope it grows and matures well. I'm thinking you also grow strawberries. Do you take some of the berries off so the rest will grow larger? I have some in the front yard and in tubs, and they have berries on them.

    1. No, I never ever thin strawberries, something else might do that for birds. I want every single one I can get. I don't thin cherries either.