Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Week Past

Well, I let another week slip past without blogging....I have been busy though.

Garden wise:

I planted the hoophouse with Cherokee Trail of Tears pole beans.  Tilled east end of garden and planted sweet corn, Sugar Buns, a new one for me.

Planted most of the remaining plants that were languishing on the porch...still a few to find a place for.

We took a weekend for a trip to St. Louis for our granddaughter's high school graduation. We are very proud of her; she graduated summa cum laude.  She will be attending MSU which is near us so we hope to see a lot of her over the next 4 years.  Grams will be available for cooking on demand!

Finally, they finished the ATV repairs so we dropped everything yesterday morning at 8 AM and headed to Bolivar to get it.  They have a really good greenhouse right across from the Wal Mart so I 'made'  DH stop.
I picked up 12 Beauregard sweet potato plants; two parsleys , one hot pepper (for salsa making), 4 eggplants (a Japanese type,long and skinny),  and I thought a chamomile plant but I set it down in the cistern planter and can't find it.....maybe I didn't put it in the box like I though.......I got them all planted yesterday late afternoon. Almost forgot the one basil plant.  I will still plant some basil seed too.

I also watered the east end of the garden where I planted the new plants and the sweet corn.  Rain is predicted but I wanted to be sure they got off to a quick start.

Then I tilled the west side strip  where I killed out that hated grass.  That leaves me a 6 foot by 30 foot area for the sweet potatoes and some hills of summer squash and whatever else I can squeeze in.

Blooming now:

Alba roses and Buff Beauty, still a few irises, poppies (self-seeded somniferums), perennial salvia in white and blue, peonies, and a scattering of clematis.

The strawberries are looking good:

 photo P1190125_zps7f629bf2.jpg

and Buff Beauty rose.  This one has RRD on a couple of branches and I keep cutting them out...hoping to save the rose.  Now you can see why,

 photo P1190115_zpsede5746f.jpg

 photo P1190116_zps386380c0.jpg


  1. Buff Beauty is beautiful! I sure hope you can save it. You could try rooting some cuttings from good canes and hopefully some would root for you. I took around six or so cuttings lately, but only 2 made it and have new growth. I don't have a clue as to what they are because I didn't tag them. Time will tell.

    You've been busy and I always enjoy hearing about life on the farm. Congrats to you granddaughter.

    We are having LOTS of rain, started around 5 last evening and been off and on all night. More expected each day and into next week. Some sort of tropical system.

    Happy gardening and living ~ FlowerLady

  2. Glenda,

    Nice to see you back, oh I totally understand when there are things to do, there are things to do. All kinds of work, life keeps us busy.

    I bet your happy the ATV is done? Going to pick it up gave you an opportunity to find this greenhouse.

    Fabulous news of your granddaughter graduation high school and going on to college close to you.

    Enjoy your lovely flowers, have a beautiful week Glenda.

    1. DH thought he couldn't manage the farm without the ATV! He is very happy to have it back.

      We are waiting for the weather to change. It is so hot and windy that doesn't bode well for us.

  3. That's it! I'm buying a rose, Glenda...:)JP

  4. Wonderful to have a grandchild close enough to visit often... BTW, your rain for tomorrow has just gone through my way (Southwest NE). Looks like it will cover MO tomorrow. We got some great rains and we really needed it in this dry, parched land. Your roses look beautiful.

  5. Hi Glenda, I hope all your plants grow well. We've had over 6 inches of rain the last week or so. Some parts of our city are flooding, and we are getting more water than usual in our basement.

    Thanks for sharing how you garden with nature in mind on my last post.

  6. That Buff Beauty is worth the effort! Gorgeous ! Glad you have a working ATV now. Goodness but you've gone great guns in the veg beds. I hope you get all the rain you need this season. You're sure due by now.... Take care.