Friday, July 12, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

Remember that old song?  Well it sort of describes me.  I was not really sick but had a sinus infection least that is what I am calling it.  I had it about 4 days before I realized it was getting better.  The enlarged sinus rested on my upper right jaw teeth and the pain was bad and constant.  I hit the Urgent Care Clinic by 7:30 Monday a week ago.  I just finished 10 days of antibiotics.  I felt bad the whole time I was on them.....ykkkkk!  At last I finished them and am now waiting for my digestive system to return to normal.

It was been very hot and very dry here.  Finally three days ago we got a very nice 2 inch rain (right after I had soaked things  heavily!). Today is supposed to be slightly cooler and less humid.  I hope to actually get something done outside.

The garden is looking very promising.  I have small beans set on the pole bean  vines; lots of large green tomatoes, harvested l bell pepper, squash are still looking good and are blooming.  If nothing befalls them (like squash bugs), I can supply the entire county!  Onions are ready to pull and I have harvested my small crop of volunteer garlic.  The corn patch looks funny with three different plantings all together; some very tall and tasseling, some 18 inches and some 5 inches....won't do that again.

As soon as I clear the onion row I will till.  I vow to not let weeds take over like I usually do.


This is the bed outside the kitchen window.  From left to right is lots of seedling hibiscus moscheutos (swamp mallow), Endless Summer Hydrangea and nandina domestica.  I hope I have more colors in the hibiscus than just this one,

It has been so long since I posted, I may show duplicate pictures; just disregard please.

This is the corner with the hibiscus.  There seem to be many different stalks coming up.  I don't know if it is from runners or just dropped seeds...time will tell I guess.  I have never had them totally fill this spot though.


Four O'clocks are blooming.  The Japanese beetles that were feasting on them have been absent for a week now.  This is one of their favorite plants and some use it as a sacrifice to the rascals.

For  once, that is not weeds showing with the yellow one; it is a grass, eragrostis 'Windancer' that self seeds like crazy and did so here.

This is the vitex 'Shoal Creek' that I limbed into a tree form so the things below it could get some light.  I have since harvested the garlic that grew right at the base.  You can drop a bulb of garlic in a favorite spot and it seeks to bury itself and reproduce. I have these and some I thought I had tossed into the trash can.  They missed and grew on to give me some nice bulbs this year.  That was good since I didn't plant any last fall.

 These next two are 'Strawberry Fields' gomphrena that self seeded from last year or the year before; who knew?

There are 3 or 4 plants here.  I hope they do it again!

Enough for now.


  1. Glad that you are better. I have had on and off sinus also, with a headache, combination of stress and pollen.
    Its going to get HOT, HOT, HOT here now. 103* through the weekend, I am trying to keep things wet, and cool, try to get everything done in the am then just sit and enjoy the A/C and the patio.
    Its been very hectic here, but I am just trying to take it each and every day as it comes.
    My garden is doing very well, just got some small zukes and yellow squash. Its a very late garden.
    Everything you photo looks super. You lucky duck, 2 inches of rain. We are still in extreme drought here.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Glenda,
    Glad to hear you're feeling better. Antibiotics have a tendency of making you feel like crap before you start feeling well.

    Your pictures of the flowers around your home are so beautiful thank you for sharing them with us.

    I wish we received some of that rain you got the other night.

    Time to go finish up grass cutting :-( catch you later.

  3. When I was taking antibiotics, I doubled up my probiotics so my digestive system never went wonky on me. Glad you're feeling better, that your garden are coming right along and that you're back to posting. We miss you when you're gone...! We've had 2 day in a row with NO RAIN. Yay.

  4. Dear Glenda ~ I am sorry to hear you had a bad sinus infection and that you had to be on antibiotics. Hope you are eating yogurt!

    I love all of your blooms.

    We are expecting rain from Chantal, hopefully we won't have any flooding. At least she's not a hurricane. I am thankful for that.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  5. Glad you are getting over the disease AND the cure. Your Vitex looks good limbed up. TAMU advocates cutting back near the ground. I like the tree look myself. Gomphrena is a great mixer. Save some seeds too. Hibiscus, Hibiscus -- I always tend to type 'hisbiscus' lol.