Thursday, November 21, 2013

Missed Posting - Another Project finished

I missed mentioning this project and  found I had written about it on Open  Office and just forgot it.

So, here it is.  I can't believe I forgot about it since I have wanted it done for a long time.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Up at 2 AM; the time change is killing me! Fell back asleep in my chair so made up for some sleep loss.


Milked half Willow; let black calf nurse first until he was full then turned her baby in too.

Neighbor came down (Dennis )DH got up several of the herd and I looked them over....possibility of butchering the scurred bull...4 yrs old in stead of selling him for cull.  I am nearly out of meat in the freezer.

We took a break and then cleaned off the foundation plantings and the vining euonymous that had climbed the brick chimney and through the decorative roofing and was nearing the real roof. We  have a trailer load to haul off.   Lots more chain saw cleanup needs doing. Several seedling maple and elm and Golden Rain trees need cutting.

I do the chain saw work and got tired so decided working with the saw wasn't a good idea. My dizziness makes it harder if I am on uneven ground and I was.

Yesterday he was finally able to haul off the mess.  

 The foundation is now bare but I want to kill out the vining vinca before attempting more plantings.

You can see some remnants of the vine clinging to the chimney.  We will have to wait until they shrivel completely before pulling them down.
remaining vine on chimney photo IMG_0333-Copy2_zps893039d8.jpg
The vine had a serious stump that was too close to the foundation to cut closer to the ground.  I will have to wait until it decays.
Stump after cutting down vine on chimney photo IMG_0334_zpscb0e1f98.jpg
foundation trimmed photo IMG_0331_zps1a8974c7.jpg

While getting the picture of my helper, I spotted the llama way down by the fence and using the zoom got a picture of her.  She has a horrible shaggy winter coat.

It is a good thing I took this picture of  my October Glory Red Maple because within a day of color, the leaves began falling and it is now bare!

 October Glory Red Maple turning very late 2013 photo IMG_0336_zps7083167a.jpg

Note:  I left this in its original journal entry prose.......very short and to the point.


  1. I like the vine that climbing on the brick wall. So beautiful and so natural. I have never seen plant like hat before. Is the plant have a beautiful flowers?
    Endah - Indonesia

    1. The flowers are not significant; it is pretty but it is so vigorous and would cover the roof if left alone. As we get older we are trying to eliminate things requiring constant trimming or spraying.

      You are the first Indonesian to visit. Welcome to our Ozarks farm.

  2. I was wondering if you still have the llamas. We have been tearing down vines, too, but have put them in a pile and when they dry out we'll throw them in the burn barrel with the trash.

    My new red maple was the same way, wasn't pretty but for only a few days before losing all its leaves. I guess winter's here now for sure. As soon as the weather warms so that people in town will begin raking their leaves, we'll be picking up bags of leaves wherever we can. Some people have our number and will call us when they have some bagged up and ready to take.

    1. I didn't even get our leaves mowed in windrows this year....they will just biodegrade in situ! That will make it easier for the moles to tunnel the lawn!! and they are here and working furiously.

      We just had 4 trees removed.....lots of chips and sawdust....will post about that next.

  3. I still have leaves to fall (sweet gum) and the high winds and frigid temps make it difficult to mow. Glad your Blaze maple gave you some color this year. I know what you mean about vines - I had a trumpet vine took over the whole side of the porch. It was rampant and it took years for me to get out enough root to keep it from sprouting after that.

  4. I have thought about planting a trumpet vine on the old concrete silo but have hesitated. I do like the new hybrids though.