Tuesday, March 25, 2014

End of March Doings

Drat!  I lost the entire post...............

This has been the  week our almost  19-year-old granddaughter is visiting so I haven't accomplished too much.

The  weather has been very unfavorable too.  Days in low 50's or less and nights freezing and below.  I don't work outside when it is  that cold and windy to boot.

I did manage to get  the  dormant oil spray on the orchard yesterday which was very near perfect.  High 50's and not windy.  Of course for me to spray all the stars must be in perfect alignment.  Nothing is ever easy.
First the battery on the mower (used to haul garden cart) was bad; new battery bought.  Next battery to run the  sprayer was down.  Had to charge overnight during which the 5 gallons of spray I had mixed thinking I was going to use the day before  all leaked out!.  So everything workin;g  new spray mixed....sprayed about 14 trees.  I also retied  my Jonafree apple tree and need to go back and  stake the new  apricot tree.  It is listing badly.  We have had strong winds all winter.

Next I decided to turn all the girls (chickens) out into the larger area since  some green stuff was showing.  They cohabited nicely outside in the larger area but still are vicious to the new girls once inside.  The good news is:

From March Blog

I don't know  who is happier to have our own eggs again,  DH or me.  We are getting 6-7 daily now.

They weren't too hard to get back up in the evening.

BTW, caught another opossum!  I am thinking of leaving Sugar loose at night. This makes 4 or 5 now.

I made  a pan of sweet rolls for the GD for breakfast (if she ever gets up!)

We tested two small ones  from the middle.....as always.

I also started another bottle of vanilla using beans  from  Olive Nation (no shipping on vanilla beans).  I hope it turns out as well as the other beans I ordered through Amazon.  These are also Madagascar beans.

Rhubarb is up!   


  1. Wow, you must not have had any 'doings' as there is nothing here. Another Google glitch of some sort.

    Will check back later ~ Love and hugs and have a great day today ~ FlowerLady

  2. Gorgeous eggs, yummy looking cinnamon rolls, and green growth sprouting.

    Hang in there spring will eventually start and winter will be a thing of the past.


    1. Today is warmer and hopefully will bring some rain.

  3. Oh, trials and tribulations, I have plenty of those myself. Hang in there. Soon it'll be so dang hot we'll be griping about THAT. Heh.

    1. and I will be the first one to complain.....

  4. I imagine the scent of the rolls brought GD out of bed!

    1. Hello again Joy! No, I had to wake her at 3:30 PM (don't ask!)

  5. Glenda,

    I absolutely hate it when you've typed a post out, save it, and it just disappears. That's happened to me more than once.

    Oh Glenda, you've made me want rolls.........I guess I'm going to have to make some soon.
    I can smell them through the computer, LOL.......

    I just love making my own vanilla, now that's a nice size bottle to make yours in.

    Hurry ups spring!!!

    1. Hope you made some rolls to enjoy.

      I will have to wait for the vanilla so I kept enough of the Mexican vanilla to get me through but I do not like using it.

  6. Omigosh, just what do you DO with all of those eggs, Glenda? I think my cholesterol jumped 10 points just LOOKING at those lovelies. Wow, that's some leak you must have in your spray tank. That load must've cost you some. And no matter how bad your weather is - I think I got you beat again. Near 4" of snow overnight and temps to 10F. Brrrr.

  7. Kris, it just never ends does it?

    The spray wasn't that costly, Dormant oil and just 5 gallons, but still I was annoyed!

  8. Now I'm starving! My mouth is watering over those rolls.

  9. The eggs are beautiful and the rolls must be just too tasty! I wish I planted an apricot tree. I bought a tiny jar of Smucker's Simply Fruit Apricot spread yesterday to satisfy my longing for apricots. It is raining here today.