Monday, May 19, 2014

A New Week Starting

and it is warm at last!  I have great plans to finally get my garden in......but we know how plans oft go astray.  Only time will tell.


Things are looking very summery here.  Lots of things blooming:  iris, peonies, clematis, a gaillardia, kerria japonica, nepeta Walker's Low, lineria, lamiums, poppies getting close.

This is the Well  house Bed,


I didn't crop this photo because the background showed DH.  I showed him the picture and told him I always had either the cats or him  in most of my photos.  I love catching him that way.

Two more iris are blooming, this is Bride's Halo (amid the cheatgrass out by the front ditch) I plan to move her since  I can no longer maintain the ditch.

and another ditch resident to be moved.  I don't know the name, but I love the soft colors of this one,

This is the Light Pole Bed,

The oriental poppies are just past peak,


and this is Ilene's gifted gaillardia; it is just to the left of the white salvia

Garden and Orchard

The cold snap didn't hurt the strawberries.  This will be the first year in a long while that we have had our own strawberries.  Our KC  granddaughter (15) wants to come down to pick!  We will see how that pans out.....

The Tyson pear tree has a few fruit.  If they make it to harvest, something got them last year, it will be our first year to taste them.

Albemarle Pippin apple, same as the Tyson Pear, a first.

All the fruit trees are due to be sprayed and I hope to get that done today (after planting the garden so it is iffy if I get it done).

Our granddaughter(19) got in late yesterday so begins the summer.

I got a new mirror for her room to cover the open shuttered window that is between the bedroom and the living room. This house is filled  with these strange things!


  1. Catching someone in the photo gives life to your pictures. Love the iris and peony together.

    Older houses do have some strange quirks. We have more doors than anything else. One in the computer room is hidden behind tall bookcases. On the other side we put sheetrock over the door so there would be room to put a bed on that wall.

    The pictures on the wall in her room look very similar to some we have.

  2. I know what you mean about doors. 4 in the dining room, 2 in kitchen, 2 in all the bedrooms, 3 in living room.
    We can't close off most because they are access to other rooms; no central halls in this house!

  3. I like it that you caught your DH doing his thing there at the farm. It's real life, real action.

    Your blooms and fruit are just wonderful.

    The mirror was a great way to make a weird element much better. The room looks lovely.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your Grand daughter will have one of those summers that she will look back on fondly. Spending the summer with Grandma and Grandpa, yay! The flowers are beautiful, I can almost smell the iris.

  5. Your Iris' are just gorgeous, is the mirror to conceal an opening that must have lots of tales!.../)JP

  6. Glenda,

    Beautiful flower pictures, did you see the or bib in the first picture to right hand corner?

    Your strawberry patch looks amazing, you're going to have some really nice strawberries soon.

    Enjoy your company :-)

    1. I saw that but couldn't figure out what it was. What did you call it and what does that meanb?

      I am watching those strawberries closely.....I have something to toss over when the start turning so the birds won't get any!

  7. I knew an old house once with 2 'windows' from a downstairs bedroom, one to the living room and one to the kitchen. They'd been installed for an invalid so they wouldn't feel shut off from the family.

    Lovely iris. And oh those strawberries!

  8. Just wanted to tell you I sure enjoyed your pretty spring pictures. Love iris and one of the two you sent me is blooming. Thanks again.

  9. For a place where Spring delayed her entrance your gardens are lovely and full of blossoms. I love your Irises. Mine are just buds and my Gaillardia is way behind yours......Enjoy your time with your grandaughter! They grow up way too fast!! Happy Gardening!

  10. I would think you had been in my garden except yours has no weeds.

    Wonderful idea with the mirror. People end up with inside windows when they add on. We have that here.

    Things are really looking good at your place.