Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rain at Last

It wasn't a lot, but it was a lovely, gentle and slow  rain, 3/4 inch total.  I think more is predicted over the next several days.  The cooler temperatures are a delight also.

Of course, the grass needs mowing again....We finally picked up the last of the debris from the yard.  I think we had 4 loads.  There is still some chain saw work to do but it will have to wait until I can actually get some planting done.

Another iris is blooming.  I think this one is Swingtown:

and this one next to the garage, Stairway to Heaven
and my only red one,

It is now Sunday, Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day to all who qualify.  I am cooking dinner for my MIL.

I have a few more  iris opened and the first peony, a dark pink or rose single.  The singles are my favorites because rain doesn't knock them into the ground (should we luck out and get another rain).

We both mowed yesterday afternoon.  It is kind of fun as we pass each other in various parts of the yard,  DH rides the big yellow one and I stick with my Gravely.  We can do the yard and orchard in under two hours now.  He  does the orchard now.  I have been the mowing person for most of our married life.  I guess that is why I get so much pleasure seeing him on one  now!  He has a good excuse; he worked long hours and often traveled and I was a stay-at-home Mom (remember those women?) so I did most at home chores.  I often ponder that but that is another story and probably not for publication........

BTW, we had success at last and caught a huge ground hog with a live trap baited with an apple.  We will reset it.  I bet there is a second one out there.  We found another huge hole by the cellar where the tree was blown down by a tornado a few years ago and left a huge pile or mound of earth.  I could see fresh diggings.
May set one there too. 

I need to trim but it is such a job and I haven't managed to squeeze it in yet. 

It is hot again here and very windy  but we do have chances of more rain over several days. 

Blackberries are blooming.  I never got them cleaned out and my "helpers'" didn't get the Elm saplings cut so it will be like a jungle trying to pick anything.  Sort of like picking wild ones if you have ever done that! Our family used to make an event of that.  Two maiden aunts, my grandma, Mom and we three girls, my aunt and sometimes by aunt by marriage would all dress up in the awfullest garb you can imagine.  Long sleeves, pants, long socks, hats.  It was to keep chiggers and ticks off.  There was no spray to use.  Also saved us from those vicious briars!  I may have a picture somewhere.

We finally got some large limbs drug out of the garden they did cut and just leave and a huge brush pile they were going to burn.........I get made every time I go back there.  A valuable lesson was learned with this project that wasn't!

I have small strawberries showing.  I am getting excited.  It has been a few years since we have had our own.

Company is coming next  weekend.......................Sis and BIL for a couple of days but they will stay in a motel since our GD is also moving down that weekend.  Our house is not really laid out for that many guests.
Especially of different ages.  GD will be with us all summer.  I may lay in a supply of wine..................

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Dear, dear Glenda ~ Glad you got some much needed rain. We keep getting predictions of it, but so far - 0 - I had the sprinkler on earlier and have to keep up with hand watering. Grass is browning right up.

    Your iris are really pretty, especially the red one and I love your single peony.

    You are busy as usual, and now company coming too. I chuckled at your 'laying in a supply of wine.' :-)

    Hope you've been having a very nice Mother's Day.


  2. Your iris are beautiful. We have an abundance of what I call 'Swamp Iris' -- native blue.

    Mama used to go to pick blackberries dressed in long sleeves with a bonnet to keep off sun, a bucket for the berries, a long plank to lay on long berry canes as she progressed, a little boy to carry the bucket, a dog to ward off snakes. In later years we had mown paths through the berry patch and just drove along in a golf cart, picking berries, lol.

    Blackberries here have been blooming since early April and are still blooming. If we have sufficient rainfall, there should be plenty for Jam and maybe some pies.

    Remember when visitors and hosts required much less privacy and generations added to the fun? How times have changed.

    1. I love to remember those good times. Also gooseberry picking on some bluff along the James River....where we all got covered with chiggers.

      And the the Sunday dinners where all the family came to Grandma's and the men all ate at the table first and we kids had plates in the living room. We were never allowed at the table with the grownups.
      The women all flustered around 'serving' the men and ate what was left (always plenty of course). I listened very carefully to those ladies talking.......very interest stuff for a young girl to hear!

  3. I'm thinking of getting a lithium string trimmer too. They are pricey, though. Yet what good is my gas trimmer if it's too heavy/awkward for me to use? Your iris are lovely!

  4. I figured the battery ones would be heavier. I need to check that out. My BIL bought one for my Sis to use.
    Ha! I bet she hasn't used it twice.

    1. Those long-lasting lithium batteries are lighter than nicad batteries and WAY lighter than a gasoline engine.