Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday on the Farm

We are having nice, cool nights but the days are still very warm and humid....still no rain.

I spent yesterday trying to get the house straightened once again.  Dear MIL keeps sending us home with stuff....and I was crowded to begin.

I did want and accept gladly her area rug for the dining room.  We had one before we refinished the hardwood floors but it was getting  very worn so we opted to leave it off. Now we have one once again.  I ordered a pad  for  it and it came yesterday.  It was not the exact  size of the rug so that meant I had to crawl along the floor trimming it with my utility knife.  It was easy to trim but crawling on my knees is not a favorite exercise!
We hadn't added all the chairs back when I took this photo.  I hope this comes through; I am using Blogger's photo embedding feature instead of my usual cut and paste from Picasa.
Then we carried all the canning supplies from the back porch back out  to the milk parlor.  You could barely walk through the porch with the supplies sitting on the floor. 
By late afternoon, I was done!  I still have to trim the pad for the smaller rug I put in GD's bedroom.  Took advantage of the cleaning spree to get my non-working  fluorescent fixture from the plant light stand from under the bed to relocate to the milk barn where  I can work on it in comfort on a table.
I don't like storing things under beds....we have a spider problem now and then and this makes a  great place  for them to hide.
These rugs were the strangest sizes. Nothing was  exact like an 8x10 or a 4x6 which of course, the pads were, thus the required trimming.
I found out  yesterday our GD will be moving home this Monday!  She has training  for the mentoring and the research work.  I think I mentioned she will be mentoring freshmen at MU in St. Louis and also got a research assistant thing in the psychology department.  The first is paid and the second will  count  as l credit hour.  She will actually be a Junior by the winter semester because of her hours, but she is in her second year of college with a 3.93 grade average.  We are very proud of her!
Random Cow Pictures
This is Willow's first calf,Annabelle, with her interesting  colored calf.  She is full blood milking shorthorn and the father is out of one of our Angus bulls who probably have a trace of Holstein blood.




  1. It is always good to read about and see photos of life there on your farm.

    Oh my, I don't do good on my knees either. Plus I have to have a way of boosting myself back up off the floor.

    Nice rug, and your wood floors are lovely as is your stone flooring in the other room.

    I love your header picture.

    Have a great week.

    Love and hugs to you dear Glenda ~ FlowerLady

  2. Glenda,

    I love your new header page for your blog.
    Your rug is beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the pictures of your livestock. I enjoy it even more since I had to sell my little herd.