Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday on the Farm

Another gray day is looming.

We have only seen the sun for a few hours the last week or so. I don't like these kinds of days.
I think they are even talking snow. Well, it is December.

It has been a slow, normal week here. Daily farm chores and errands.
I finally was able to get out and do the chickens and puppies (morning only) yesterday. Then navigated Walmart for dog,cat  and people food.

Speaking of errands......we are  loosing our Dillons/Kroger store that I went to for all my baking supplies.  They carried a varied and extensive line.  I got all my King Arthur Flours there; Walmart carries only KA's regular unbleached flour.  I think the Bolivar, Mo. stores carries all of their products.  We will be checking them out next week when DH has to get his driver's  license renewed.


The puppies are now being confined with just a small pen for sunshine. Mama B. wants to lead them to the road to go exploring. We haven't made permanent plans for them yet.

The two brown ones are very friendly; the black one (with a black roof of mouth) isn't, with me anyway. I am wondering Chow mix?


Carolyn at Krazo Acres got me thinking about my chickens and molt. I know mine are not laying well and I just assumed they would be as naked and pitiful looking as her flock. I made a point this morning when letting them out to really take a look and take a few pictures. Mine are looking very good. I don't know if the molt is coming and they are not laying due to reduced daylight hours only or what. You should visit Krazo Acres; that title might give you a hint.  I love her writing and her sense of humor.

Here they are in all their delightful Hyline splendor:

I gathered my two morning eggs.  We will get a couple more later but one of the girls eats an egg now and then so I try to defeat her by taking them early. 


Last year  I lost both my seed orders.....ridiculous, I know but I did.  I found one order earlier this fall and while cleaning my storage shelves where I keep all things computer, I found the other order.  I picked up a bubble envelope and heard it rattle.

Still I ordered a few more non-hybrid  things from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds yesterday.  I still forgot the Long Cheese squash seeds.  I brought in my old seeds and will check through them and then pitch everything else.  I am starting new!

Forgive the varied size and style of type.  I copied and pasted from Open Office Document and have failed  to correct it.


  1. Talk with the store manager at Walmart and ask whether now that Kroger is closing, they might expand their line of King Arthur. Maybe you can find some friends to also ask. I asked about ice cream flavors once and was surprised to see so many new ones next visit.

  2. I should do that. However going to the nearby town isn't much farther and it is a much nicer store.

  3. Love seeing the chickens, Glenda. I don't think I'll be ordering any seeds this year, we're still set from last year. I might pick up some onion seeds if I can find them right now to start in the basement. I need at least 4 mos to get them big enough to plant out in April.

    Good luck finding your flours. Enjoy the nicer store.